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Are you an expert in your field seeking to enhance your expertise and create influence? Or do you have a deeply personal story you want to share with the world? If you’re struggling to write your non-fiction book, we’re here to help.

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About Us

Our team specializes in helping exceptional people share their stories with the world. Our co-founders are published authors who have written and published their books and sold thousands of copies of their books. This has led them to speaking opportunities, media visibility, more business and recognition.

Our Approach

We work closely with our authors, and keep it small, personal, and intimate. From the time a project is commissioned till the time a book is published is usually six to nine months. With traditional publishing, that can be much longer. We’re not a mass production house. Think of us more as a boutique literary house that works closely with a few select clients and delivers very high-quality books.

This means meetings over zoom, samples of your writing (maybe short-form on platforms like LinkedIn?) and a deep conversation about your vision for your book. If you’re writing a book based on a professional field these can be simpler and easier. If you’re writing something more intense and personal – like a memoir – this can be more involved.

Once we’ve got a sense for your aesthetic, content and what you’re trying to say, we agree on the commercials and move on. As a first step in the project, we create a book outline and write the first chapter. That first chapter sets the template for the rest of the book in terms of Language, tone, flow etc. Once you sign – off on that, we create the entire book – usually in 3-4 phases.

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