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And the City Swallowed Them Mara Hvistendahl 06-12-2014 Narrative The true story of a young woman who leaves a small Canadian town, moves to China to work as a model, and becomes a victim to a fatal stabbing.
From the Heart D. J. Taylor 06-10-2014 Fiction A love triangle set in London involving a married man and the woman he has been secretly in love with for 17 years.
The Hungarian Tiger Tibor Fischer 06-10-2014 Biography A profile of Viktor Orban, the youngest elected Prime Minister in Hungarian history.
The Vessel Taylor Stevens 06-10-2014 Fiction A Vanessa Michael Munroe novella.
Everybody's Baby Lydia Netzer 06-03-2014 Fiction A young, hip couple raise funds on Kickstarter for the in vitro fertilization of their baby.
The Matters of Life, Death and More: Writing on Soccer Aleksandar Hemon 06-03-2014 Essays/Ideas Musings about the soccer World Cup.
The Neighbor Dean Koontz 06-03-2014 Fiction The prequel to the author's 2014 novel The City.
The Natural Law Steve Attridge 06-01-2014 Fiction A prive investigator takes a case involving a woman whose small-time criminal husband has just been murdered.
Cloud Racers Adam Peneberg 05-29-2014 History The story about the race to become the first aviator to fly around the world.
The Amateur David Gordon 05-27-2014 Fiction A young man fleeing heartbreak back home meets a mysterious expat at a cafe in Paris.
Point Lenana Nicholas Best 05-25-2014 Fiction After more than 50 years, the body of a German climber is discovered in the glacier of Mount Kenya.
Pay Off: How One Milennial Eliminated Nearly $80,000 in Student Debt in Less than Five Years Shannon Young 05-22-2014 Memoir How the author paid off her student debt after graduating in 2009.
Bear Mountain Mick Webb 05-20-2014 Narrative Inside the battle to save the Pyrenean brown bear.
The Spirit of 76: From Politics to Technology, the Year America Went Rock & Roll David Browne 05-20-2014 History A look at a pivotal year in American history through the prism of the music industry.
Bomber Girls M. J. Foreman 05-18-2014 History The story of the 166 women led by Senior Commander Pauline Gower who flew to defend England in World War II.
Twice Upon Listening to New York Hari Kunzru 05-18-2014 Essays/Ideas An essay on the sounds of New York written by the well known British novelist.
The Julian Chapter R. J. Palacio 05-13-2014 Fiction The bully's side of a story that answers the question: why is Julian so unkind to Auggie?
Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion Karen J. Pine 05-13-2014 Essays/Ideas A noted professor reveals the hidden secrets contained in the clothes we wear.
Destination Gacy Nancy Rommelmann 05-13-2014 Memoir Twenty years ago the author traveled across the country to visit with serial killer John Wayne Gacy before his execution.
The Miracle of Normandy Alex Gerlis 05-12-2014 History A new look by a British journalist at the Allied's successful D-Day invasion 70 years ago.
Old Girls in Low Cotton Helen Childress 05-12-2014 Fiction A recently widowed woman who lives with her mother-in-law dreams of a new life.
Out of Dublin Ethel Rohan 05-12-2014 Fiction A memoir of loss, abuse and resilience.
I Murdered My Library Linda Grant 05-06-2014 Memoir The author is anguished when she moved to a two-bedroom flat and had to give away thousands of her books.
New Year's: Nathaniel P as Seen Through the Eyes of His Friend Aurit Adelle Waldman 05-06-2014 Fiction The complicated relationship between Nate and his woman friend Aurit.
Below Zero Roger Hurn 05-05-2014 Fiction Private investigator Ryan Kyd is sent to Spain to track down a shady Moldovan scientist.
By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain Joe Hill 04-29-2014 Fiction Two children discover a dead dinosaur by the side of a lake.
Tom Robbins: The Kindle Single Interview Mara Altman 04-28-2014 Biography The best-selling Kindle Single author interviews 81-year-old best-selling author Tom Robbins.
Against the Clock John Bryant 04-27-2014 Narrative The story of Roger Bannister's successful attempt to break the four-minute mile.
The Copenhagen Job Line Holm Nielsen 04-25-2014 Narrative The inside true story of a daring bank heist in Copenhagen.
Churchill: History in an Hour Andrew Mullholland 04-24-2014 Biography A brief look at the colorful, long and varied life of one of history's titans.
D-Day: History in an Hour Rupert Colley 04-24-2014 History The story of how the largest military operation in history was planned, practiced and executed.
The Modern Swastika: Fighting Today's Anti-Semitism Andrew Roberts 04-24-2014 Essays/Ideas The author celebrates Jews, Jewishness and Israel, and investigates the rise of modern anti-Semitism in Europe.
The Rover Drew Magary 04-23-2014 Fiction A mysterious object from outer space lands in the backyard of a lonely widower.
Perseverance Kristin Peck 04-23-2014 Memoir A woman perseveres in her attempts to have a child.
The Deadly Air Christian Jennings 04-22-2014 Narrative The author mixes his own experiences of suffering with malaria with the history of mankind's battle against the often deadly disease.
7 Bad Habits of Unsuccessful People Sydney Finkelstein 04-21-2014 Self-help A university professor explains how to avoid the seven bad habits of unsuccessful people.
Irish Twins Susan Hill 04-15-2014 Fiction Two sisters who were born 12 months apart meet two brothers who were also born 12 months apart.
We Are What We Wear Lucy Siegle, Jason Burke 04-15-2014 Narrative An examination of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1,100 people, many of whom were garment industry workers.
Father, Mother, Child Marcus Seibert 04-15-2014 Fiction A young father tries to come to terms with being a stay-at-home dad.
The Space Between Diana Gabaldon 04-15-2014 Fiction The author returns to her Outlander universe.
Jackie Old Armistead Maupin 04-14-2014 Fiction This book imagines what would have happened if Jackie Onassis had lived long enough to become a reclusive eccentric like her cousin.
JFK's War Thomas Fleming 04-10-2014 History A reknowned historian recreates the night when JFK's PT boat was smashed by a Japanese destroyer in the Pacific.
The Last Black Man M B Munro 04-06-2014 Fiction A black man in London with a good job encounters racial problems.
Every Mother Has a Story Jackie Mercurio, Jacinta Hart Kehoe, Cynthia Leonard 04-06-2014 Memoir Essays featuring the three winners of the Shebooks/Good Housekeeping memoir contest writing about life as a mother.
Lucky Day Barry Lyga 04-01-2014 Fiction A small-town sheriff captures one of the world's most ruthless killers.
The Realm Ed West 04-01-2014 Essays/Ideas The true history behind HBO's popular Game of Thrones.
The Found Child Lucy Bledsoe 04-01-2014 Biography Two gay men find an abandoned baby at a bus stop.
Trigger Happy Frank Gilroy 03-31-2014 Fiction A Chicago reporter is kidnapped by the Dillinger gang because they want improved coverage.
Brian Greene: The Kindle Singles Interview Rivka Galchen 03-30-2014 Essays/Ideas The celebrated physicist discusses the origin of string theory and other subjects related to the cosmos.
Chaplains of the Militia Chris McGreal 03-30-2014 History The story of the Catholic church during Rwanda's genocide.
The Harbor Master Daniel Pembrey 03-30-2014 Fiction A maverick cop is thinking of retirement when a woman's body washes up in the Amsterdam harbor.
I Always Got a Great Story Nicole Edine 03-25-2014 Essays/Ideas Reflections on nostalgia and hope in the TV program How I Met Your Mother.
Everything Is Embarrassing Shawn Binder 03-25-2014 Memoir A memoir about the time the author outed himself and other cringeworthy moments.
Alexanderplatz, Berlin George Dietz 03-25-2014 Narrative A provocative view of the German capital in a troubled era.
What We Talk About When We Talk About Birth Elissa Schappell 03-25-2014 Essays/Ideas Essays on the phenomenon of sharing birth stories.
Camp Paradox Barbara Graham 03-25-2014 Memoir The author grapples with the knowledge that the "love affair" she believed she'd shared with her female camp counselor in the 60s, may have been a case of sexual abuse.
The Wrong Sister Caroline Leavitt 03-25-2014 Fiction Two short stories that explore the family ties that bind.
Sleep Donation Karen Russell 03-25-2014 Fiction In the near future, a strange epidemic causes millions to lose the ability to sleep. Read Review
Text. Chat. Email Erin Mallory Long 03-24-2014 Fiction Emily falls for Steve and that's not good for her live-in boyfriend.
At the Captain's Table: Life on a Luxury Liner Hugh Thompson 03-24-2014 Biography The first book to explore the strange and unreported world of small luxury cruise ships.
Portrait Kathleen Hill 03-21-2014 Fiction A young woman moves to Nigeria in the early 1960s and is soon caught up in the swirl of the times.
Gone Colum McCann 03-20-2014 Fiction A deaf, adopted child goes missing on the west coast of Ireland and the mother falls under suspicion.
The Death Factory Greg Iles 03-18-2014 Fiction Former prosecutor Penn Cage goes back to a chilling case in Houston where he worked in a DA's office known as "the death factory."
The King Kong Syndrome John Baxter 03-18-2014 Narrative In Paris during the Roaring Twenties a man claimed that humans could be rejuvenated by being transplanted with ape testicles.
The Last Stair into Darkness Cliff Barlow 03-13-2014 Fiction A collection of 20 scary short stories.
Not All Who Wander Are Lost Koty Neelis 03-12-2014 Self-help Tales and tips for the first time budget traveler.
The In Out Question Hugo Dixon 03-12-2014 Essays/Ideas Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better.
The Patron Saint of Bad Ideas Matthew Ducker 03-12-2014 Fiction Two brothers steal the family boat and head to an abandoned island where they find trouble.
The Great Retreat of 1914: From Mons to the Marne Spencer Jones 03-10-2014 History The story of the desperate retreat of the British Expeditionary Forces in World War I against the overwhelming German army.
Hotel Paradise Carol Drinkwater 03-10-2014 Fiction A song-writer who is in Cannes, France, visits the newly refurbished Hotel Paradise.
Baby Steps Mara Altman 03-10-2014 Narrative The 32-year-old author wears a fake pregnancy belly to help her in her quest to understand the meaning of motherhood.
I Triggered Her Bully Cindy Caponera 03-10-2014 Essays/Ideas Hilarious essays from a veteran Saturday Night Live writer.
Mom Overboard Valerie Frankel 03-09-2014 Fiction Tensions abound when a famous novelist invites her 25-year-old daughter on a cruise to Bermuda.
Love and War Adrienne Berard 03-05-2014 Narrative The true story of one man's hunt for Osama bin Laden and the woman who was fatally drawn to him.
Exiled Maya Banks 03-04-2014 Fiction A beautiful woman is enticed to an island paradise where a mysterious prince is living in exile.
Learning with Big Data Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Ken Cukler 03-04-2014 Essays/Ideas The educational landscape is changing drastically thanks to the power of big data.
Young Girl with a Ukelele Terence Blacker 03-03-2014 Fiction A dark and clever story of music and fame, about a young girl who sings a song that makes money and might even change the world.
The Day the World Went Black Eleanor Stoneham 02-28-2014 Memoir A spiritual journey through depression.
Nikke Finke: The Kindle Singles Interview David Blum 02-27-2014 Essays/Ideas What's inside the head of Hollywood's most notorious journalist and what she thinks of the filmmaking community.
What Is the Business of Literature? Richard Nash 02-27-2014 Business An honest assessment of the business of publishing -- how it's done and why it's worth doing.
The Color Line W.E.B. Dubois 02-26-2014 Essays/Ideas Four selections from Dubois's acclaimed From the Souls of Black Folk.
That Wintry Feeling Debbie Macomber 02-25-2014 Fiction A woman flees to Alaska and enters into a marriage of convenience with surprising results.
Islam the Brand Hani Soubra 02-25-2014 Essays/Ideas The author argues that as a brand, Islam has lost a lot of its equanimity and power.
Intuition Kathy Leonard 02-24-2014 Fiction An educated young woman tries to solve the reason of why thousands of babies are dying from spoiled milk in late 19th century New York.
Boner Town Annie Donahue-Grossman 02-24-2014 Fiction Two girls give hand jobs in parking lots.
I Am Being Serious Lance Pauker 02-24-2014 Memoir Memoir of a college grad who describes himself "as just another dude trying to make it in the big city."
Love and Ruin James Verini 02-23-2014 Narrative A swashbuckling archaeologist and a witty travel writer fall in love in Afghanistan in the 1960s.
Nutella on My Pillowcase, and Other Sticky Situations Rachel Hodin 02-21-2014 Memoir The evolution of a Jewish American Princess.
The Long March Remembered Edward Stourton 02-20-2014 Narrative A retracing of the route of the Long March, the Chinese Red Army's struggle for survival and how it laid the foundations for the Communist victory in 1949.
Love Junkie: Getting High for Daddy Anna Marrian 02-19-2014 Memoir The author recalls her life as a frisky teen in a New England boarding school to her time in a squalid London flat battling heroin addiction.
Three Romes Duncan Fallowell 02-17-2014 Memoir The author takes readers on a journey through Rome in 1972, 1987 and 2013.
The Leper House Andrew Taylor 02-14-2014 Fiction A bereaved man stays at medieval leper house built on the English coast on a dark and stormy night.
I Met a Convicted Serial Killer and He Made Me Feel More Loved Than Anyone Else in My Life Jay Roberts 02-12-2014 Memoir In the early 80s, the author had a chance encounter with a stranger who he later learned was the serial killer Randy Kraft.
Dear: Your Name Here Guy Zucca 02-12-2014 Fiction An ugly romantic breakup is revealed through a series of letters.
Stalin: The Kremlin Mountaineer Paul Johnson 02-11-2014 Biography The celebrated historian looks at the life of Stalin who he considers "one of the most outstanding monsters in history."
Confessions of a Bad-Ass Bitch Kate Bailey 02-11-2014 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays about lesbian sex, growing up gay, relationships and other topics.
Havana62 Philip Gibson 02-11-2014 Fiction An imagined history of the Cuban missile crisis told through a series of Tweets from famous historical figures.
Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma David Boyle 02-10-2014 Biography A look into the mysteries behind the celebrated codebreaker and the circumstances surrounding his death at the age of 41.
A Valuable Girl Paul Micou 02-10-2014 Fiction The attractive daughter of a wealthy man running for political office becomes a victim of Internet shaming.
Stalin's Boots Lisa Lieberman 02-10-2014 Biography A look at Russian's oppressive policies and the failed 1956 Hungarian uprising.
Diary of a Fluky Kid Lee D. Thompson 02-09-2014 Memoir A coming of age story about a young baseball player who wasn't very good at the sport.
Bullseye David Baldacci 02-04-2014 Fiction Government assassin Will Robi is taken hostage during a bank heist.
Code Name Villanelle Luke Jennings 02-04-2014 Fiction A beautiful but violent college student is recruited as an assassin by a secretive organization.
Why Shakespeare WAS Shakespeare Stanley Wells 02-04-2014 Biography Not only a vivid account of the life of the great writer, but a vigorous rebuttal to those who claim his plays and poems were penned by someone else.
Virgin Ella Ceron 02-04-2014 Memoir When the author was 16, she was date-raped at a party.
Runway: Confessions of a Not-So-Supermodel Meghan Ward 02-04-2014 Memoir The author heads to the runways of Paris after graduating high school in Michigan.
This Can Be Easy or Hard Mike Heppner 01-30-2014 Biography A collection of five stories and four essays.
The Poetry of Politics Harry Floyd 01-29-2014 Essays/Ideas A look at the history of government, political systems, processes and people from an abstract lens.
Boom: Oil, Money, Cowboys, Strippers and the Energy Rush That Could Change America Forever Tony Horowitz 01-29-2014 Narrative The author writes about the 12 days he spent traveling the Keystone XL pipeline.
Piers Morgan: The Kindle Single Interview Peter Ross Range 01-28-2014 Biography An in-depth Q&A with CNN's master interviewer.
Surviving in Spirit Melanie Berliet 01-28-2014 Memoir A memoir about sisterhood and addiction
Challenger: An American Tragedy Hugh Harris 01-28-2014 Memoir The inside story from launch control by the voice of NASA.
We Put the Spring in Springfield: Chronicling the Golden Era of The Simpsons Justin Sedgwick 01-28-2014 Narrative A detailed study into the factors that led to the rise of The Simpsons phenomenal early years.
Nest. Flight. Sky Beth Kephart 01-28-2014 Memoir The author becomes obsessed with birds and flight after the loss of her mother.
The Forgotten Killer Douglas Preston 01-27-2014 Essays/Ideas An examination of the Amanda Knox case featuring analysis by some of the country's leading experts in criminology.
Art's Cello James McKean 01-26-2014 Memoir A memoir of loss, friendship and craft.
A Ph.D Takes Your B.S. to a Whole New Level Anita Haridat 01-26-2014 Essays/Ideas A look at the many facets of graduate school that most people are not aware of.
The Outsider Ariel Sabar 01-24-2014 Biography The life and times of Roger Barker, one of the most extraordinary -- and least known -- figures in the history of psychology.
The Snowden Operation Edward Lucas 01-23-2014 Essays/Ideas A critical look at Edward Snowden that highlights the inconsistencies in the account of events given by his supporters.
Notes for a Spanish Odyssey Calvin Baker 01-23-2014 Essays/Ideas A peek into the unexamined world of European race relations.
Walter J. Ong: On How and Why Things Are the Way They Are Thomas Farrell 01-21-2014 Biography A look at the life of Walter J. Ong, American cultural historian and theorist.
The Marco Chronicles Elizabeth Geoghagen 01-21-2014 Memoir A young American woman's romantic adventures in the eternal city.
Queen of the Tokyo Ballroom Jennifer Sky 01-20-2014 Memoir When the author was 15, she spent a jarring summer working as a model in Tokyo.
Hidden Barbara Taylor Bradford 01-19-2014 Fiction On the surface, a woman appears to have it all, although she has kept a dark secret for years.
How the Beatles Went Viral in '64 Steve Greenberg 01-19-2014 Narrative An in-depth analysis of how a mix of luck, ambition, technology, television, sheer talent and something called the transistor radio helped launch the Beatles in early 1964.
Spero Ursala Westmacott 01-17-2014 Memoir In 1979, the author left left and her modeling career to join her boyfriend on board an old sailboat for a trans-Atlantic crossing.
The Great Game: An Imperial Adventure Steven O\'Brien 01-17-2014 Fiction Captain Toby Larburgh experiences adventures in the mountain of British India's northern borders.
American Psychonaut Marty Maguire 01-17-2014 Memoir A memoir by a young man who believes he went crazy on June 11, 2010.
Broken Voices Andrew Taylor 01-16-2014 Fiction A ghost story set 100 years ago in an East Anglian cathedral city featuring two lonely school boys.
Facetime Michael McKinley 01-14-2014 Fiction A stylish thriller about a crime novelist who stumbles onto a human skull in the middle of a ruined golf course.
Switchblade Michael Connelly 01-14-2014 Fiction LAPD Detective Harry Bosch seeks justice for the forgotten.
Odessa Dreams Shaun Walker 01-13-2014 Narrative The author sets out on a "romance tour" with a group of western men seeking brides in the Ukraine.
The Burning Jonas Saul 01-12-2014 Fiction A couple buys a house in the Rockies that burns eternally.
Independently Minded Matthew Lynn 01-09-2014 Essays/Ideas The rise of Nigel Farage who is now shaping the British political agenda.
Wolverton Station Joe Hill 01-07-2014 Biography A ruthless man travels on a train filled with some horrific passengers.
The Trench Garden L.C. Fiore 01-07-2014 Fiction During World War II, two college boys clear a ravine to make a garden with the help of a German POW.
Why We Fly Evan Rail 01-06-2014 Essays/Ideas The meaning of travel in a hyperconnected age.
Master Chronology of JFK Assassination Walt Brown 01-05-2014 Essays/Ideas A chronology of the assassination of JFK.
Double-Edged Sword Steve Anderson 01-02-2014 Narrative The true story of a double agent who bluffed his way into the most ambitious Allied deception operation of WWII.
The Network Luke Delaney 01-02-2014 Fiction A short story about DI Sean Corrigan's days as a detective when he goes undercover.
Mating Calls Jessica Anya Blau 01-02-2014 Fiction A charmingly reckless school counselor engages in bad behavior with her lover and his wife.
Boys Like That Hope Edelman 01-02-2014 Memoir Two memoirs about the angst of adolescence, the discovery of sex, and the solace of rock and roll.
Confession Elmore Leonard 12-30-2013 Fiction A never-before published 1958 short story about a Wild West showdown in a dusty Arizona town involving an imposing priest.
A Marriage Proposal Sophie Ward 12-30-2013 Biography The importance of equal marriage and what it means to all of us.
The Trespassers Elmore Leonard 12-30-2013 Fiction When a husband refuses to confront men who are hunting illegally on their land, his frustrated wife takes matters into her own hands.
My Kazakhy Sal Ramirez 12-27-2013 Memoir The memoir of a homosexual Latino young man serving in the Peace Corps in a Muslim country.
Missing Joaquin Sapien, Hanna Trudo 12-26-2013 Narrative The authors examine the evidence surrounding the disappearance of six-year-old Etan Patz.
Illusions II: The Adventures of a Reluctant Student Richard Bach 12-25-2013 Memoir A remarkable account of the best-selling author's landing accident in at the controls of a small airplane.
The 7 Secrets of Happiness: A Reluctant Optimist's Journey Gayles Brandreth 12-24-2013 Essays/Ideas A British comedian looks at the pursuit of happiness and why it matters.
Match Dot Comedy Susannah Mintz 12-20-2013 Memoir The authors writes about the twisted path she traveled until she found the man she would marry.
The Misfit Steve Poser 12-19-2013 Narrative The true story of Marilyn Monroe and her psychiatrist, who saw her every day for the last 15 months of her life.
On Witnessing a Murder in South Africa Greg Dybec 12-19-2013 Essays/Ideas An examination of South Africa, its people and the complexities of life under the festive backdrop of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Attempted Hippie David Noonan 12-18-2013 Memoir In 1972, the author, a former Newsweek editor, dropped out of college and hitchhiked across the country with $100. This is his funny and perceptive story.
Topless Jihadis Jeffrey Taylor 12-18-2013 Narrative Inside Femen, the world's most provocative activist organization.
Sacrifice at Sea Susan Wingate 12-18-2013 Fiction The third book in the "Bobby's Diner" series featuring Georgette Carlisle who takes a cruise with her new man only to learn that there's been a murder aboard their ship.
The King and I -- How Elvis Shaped My Life Harry Mount 12-17-2013 Memoir The story of the author's 35-year Elvis Presley fixation.
Between Two Countries Chelsea Fagan 12-16-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of travel essays.
Anthony Bourdain: The Kindle Single Interview David Blum 12-16-2013 Memoir The author-chef-tv personality discusses himself and the food world in a wide-ranging discussion.
American Hippopotamus Jon Mooallem 12-16-2013 Narrative In the early part of the 20th century, with America suffering from a meat shortage, the country seriously considered importing hippos to eat.
Estranged Jessica Berger Gross 12-16-2013 Memoir At the age of 28, the author decided that her family was so broken that she needed to cut all ties with her mother and father.
Swipe Kathy Reichs 12-15-2013 Fiction A priceless Terminator robot is stolen from a Comic-Con convention.
The Gutbucket King Barry Yeoman 12-13-2013 Biography The story of Little Freddie King, a sharecropper's son, who grew up playing blues guitar in New Orleans.
Nativity Joseph Bottum 12-11-2013 Fiction The second of the author's trilogy of Christmas short stories.
The Edible Exile Carl Hiaasen 12-11-2013 Fiction A bodyguard to a powerful Central American leader exiled in Miami, begins to resent his boss's opulent lifestyle.
Fawn Brown Zoe McAuley 12-11-2013 Fiction The story of Fawn Brown, Snow White's half-sister, who lacked her beauty and her position as heir to the throne.
The Man Behind Narnia A.N. Wilson 12-10-2013 Biography A short biography of author C.S. Lewis. (Also published as The Mystery of C.S. Lewis.)
Highlights from a Life of Quiet Desperation Lanque Lajoue 12-09-2013 Fiction Intellectual, suicidal Morrie meets a hooker and escapes his abusive partner.
How to Cook Your Husband the African Way Calixthe Beyala 12-09-2013 Fiction The story of a woman who falls in love with her neighbor, the dashing Mr. Bolobolo.
Dr. Who: The Death Pit A. L. Kennedy 12-05-2013 Fiction Something odd is going on at the Fetch Brothers Golf Spa Hotel.
Dakota Christmas Joseph Bottum 12-03-2013 Memoir A memoir of Christmases on the South Dakota plains
A Faraway Smell of Lemons Rachel Joyce 12-03-2013 Fiction On Christmas eve, a woman is overcome with memories of old friends.
Hero's Journey Joyce and Jim Laverne 12-03-2013 Fiction A fire brigade's adopted puppy has gone missing -- and there's an arsonist on the loose.
A Cursed Moon Cecy Robson 12-03-2013 Fiction A Weird Girls novella.
A Deluge of Consequences Jacques Leslie 12-02-2013 Narrative An examination of an ecological disaster unfolding in the mountains of Bhutan.
The First Day of Christmas Carolyn Nash 12-02-2013 Fiction To impress her boss, a single career woman, takes in a foster child for the holiday season.
Beat the Devil Mishka Shubaly 12-02-2013 Memoir The obsessive author writes about one of the most powerful demons he has ever faced: his love of rock 'n' roll.
The Bully David Joseph 12-02-2013 Fiction During the cold war, a U.S. helicopter is sent to rescue a supposedly sick Russian sailor off a fishing boat.
Reprisals Alan Lightman 12-02-2013 Fiction A woman seeks revenge on the officer who murdered her father 35 years ago during the Khmer Rouge regime.
Aimless Jeremy Glass 12-02-2013 Fiction A collection of short stories touching on many subjects including sexual fantasies gone terribly awry.
The Head in Football Michael Oriard 12-02-2013 Essays/Ideas An investigation into the physical and cultural aspects of football as they affect the well-being of the head.
Butterflies in the Rain Anne Zouroudi 12-01-2013 Fiction An attractive woman arrives to help an old man as he approaches the end of his life.
The Broken Bottle Sally Wiener Grotta 11-30-2013 Fiction A suburban woman's perception of life is altered after witnessing a violent moment in Chinatown.
We Will Never Know What's Inside Our Bodies Harris Sockel 11-27-2013 Essays/Ideas The unpredictable author's collection of essays.
Night of the Cake Puppets Laini Taylor 11-26-2013 Fiction The story of a romantic, funny and fantastical first date.
The Mystery of C.S. Lewis A.N. Wilson 11-26-2013 Biography An examination of the life and demonds of author C.S. Lewis
Alice in Wonderland Nancy Christie 11-25-2013 Fiction Life is unbearable for Alice and books are her only way to escape the reality of her life.
I Swear I'll Be Good at It! Wes Johnson 11-24-2013 Memoir The 23-year-old author tries to lose his virginity. He gets everything -- but lucky.
Of Ghosts and the Living Wayne Schutsky 11-21-2013 Fiction A story about an unassuming limo driver and former petty thief struggling to come to terms with the sins of his past.
My Heart Is an Autumn Garage Anne Theriault 11-20-2013 Memoir A chronicle of the author's lifelong struggle with clinical depression.
Devil May Care Tony Evans 11-19-2013 Fiction Two years have passed since the destruction of Dracula and Jonathan Harker has settled down to a quiet life in a law firm.
When We Are Called to Part Brooke Jarvis 11-19-2013 Narrative The true story of the last years of a vanishing community of leprosy patients in a remote part of Hawaii.
Confessions of a Token Black Girl Danielle Small 11-19-2013 Memoir The author recalls her life growing up as the token black girl.
The Christmas List Chrissie Manby 11-18-2013 Fiction On the heels of a romantic failure, a young woman is a bit disconcerted to find that everything she wants for Christmas, she got.
Gloria Steinem: The Kindle Single Interview Salamishah Tillet 11-16-2013 Biography The activist and author reflects on her life growing up in Toledo, Ohio, and her political awakening.
The Candidate Daniel Pembrey 11-15-2013 Fiction A British headhunter working in Luxembourg must recruit a beautiful woman to run the company's Russian business.
RE: Sorry About Your Mom Elizabeth Ann Entenman 11-15-2013 Memoir The author relives the last 133 days of her mother's fight with cancer through daily email updates sent by her father.
The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side Mark Oppenheimer 11-13-2013 Narrative A true story about the secrets and alleged sexual exploitation perpetrated under the guise of religion -- and a cautionary tale of the dark side of Zen in America.
The Apex Predator Michael Koryta 11-13-2013 Fiction A crime boss and his trusted enforcer encounter a dangerous adversary. Read Review
All Is Well Heidi Liu 11-13-2013 Fiction A story that addresses the embarrassing timelessness of falling in love for the first time.
The Cause and Cure of Hysteria Merle Miller 11-13-2013 Essays/Ideas President Harry Truman's interview with Merle Miller about Joe McCarthy and his perspective on demagoguery.
The First Thanksgiving Nathaniel Philbrick 11-12-2013 History An excerpt from the best-selling Mayflower about the relationship between the colonists and the Native American tribes
Only Child Christopher Meyer 11-11-2013 Memoir The author tells the story of the father he never knew and the impact this had on him as an only child growing up in post-war Britain.
Thrill Me Lucianne Rivers 11-11-2013 Fiction A woman travels to the Virgin Islands in search of her father.
Santa to the Rescue Adele Downs 11-11-2013 Fiction A firefighter looking for love falls for a nurse after hearing her sing a Christmas song.
Gethsemane Grace Jung 11-11-2013 Fiction A couple struggles to stay together despite bad feelings that lurk just below the surface in the relationship.
Aftermath Katharine Quarmby 11-10-2013 Fiction A journalist is haunted by the aftermath of a genocide.
Got That Something Allan Kozinn 11-10-2013 History A New York Times music critic chronicles the birth of the iconic Beatles song "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
Tis the Season to Get Lucky Heidi Rice 11-08-2013 Fiction An unlucky-in-love businesswoman becomes snowbound in a department store with the playboy son of her boss.
William Shakespeare: History in an Hour Sinead Fitzgibbon 11-07-2013 Biography The story of the most revered writer of all time.
The Korean War: History in an Hour Andrew Mulholland 11-07-2013 History The story of one of the most bitter and enduring conflicts of the post-war period.
The Oregon Trail Diary of Willa Porter Andy Marion 11-06-2013 Biography A collection of diary entries from a a woman's journey west with her family.
The Gunman and His Mother: Lee Harvey Oswald, Marguerite Oswald and the Making of an Assassin Steven Beschloss 11-06-2013 Narrative A chilling true story that examines the bond between Lee Harvey Oswald and his bossy mother.
Voices Carry: The Truth About How We Live Today PurpleClover.com 11-06-2013 Essays/Ideas Eleven writers who contribute to the website PurpleClover.com reflect on how we live today.
Growing Eden, Twenty-Something and Pregnant in New York City Kate Fridkis 11-05-2013 Memoir The author makes a bold decision to become a mother.
One Perfect Christmas Stephanie Sloane 11-04-2013 Fiction After being jilted by her lover, a young woman turns to a childhood friend for support as the Christmas season brings them together.
1913: The Eve of War Paul Ham 11-04-2013 History The military historian Paul Ham argues that the First World War was willed into being by the generals and politicians and was not an accidental conflict.
Eddie and the Gun Girl Mark Kram 11-04-2013 Narrative The true story of the 1949 shooting of the Phillies all-star second baseman Eddie Waitkus by a deranged female admirerer. Read Review
Chairs in the Rafters Julia Glass 11-04-2013 Fiction A risk-averse woman considers leaving her husband for another man.
The Capture of Adolf Eichmann Michael Bar-Zohar 11-04-2013 Narrative The inside story of the capture in Argentina of the notorious Nazi war criminal.
The Spark in the Tinderbox Christopher Clark 11-04-2013 History How the assassination of of the Austrian archduke Ferdinand and his wife helped spark World War I.
Pretty Women Glo.com 11-04-2013 Self-help A compilation of articles from Glo.com featuring first-person essays on identity, beauty and body image.
Benjamin Britten Igor Toronyi-Lalic 11-01-2013 Biography A look at the controversial man who single-handedly transformed the reputation of British classical music.
The Battle of Britain William O\'Neill 10-31-2013 History The author challenges the notion of the Battle of Britain as a victory against overwhelming odds.
Adjunctivitis Gordon Haber 10-30-2013 Fiction A humorous novella about an adjunct university lecturer operating on the edges of academia and Hollywood. Read Review
You of All People Violet Young 10-30-2013 Essays/Ideas Essays about a midwestern lake community where friends gather to discuss the collision of their childhood dreams with adult realities.
Wilderness Dean Koontz 10-29-2013 Fiction Addison Goodheart is born in an isolated home surrounded by a deep forest and kept secret from everyone. Read Review
My Own Miraculous Joshilyn Jackson 10-29-2013 Fiction A young woman, who became pregnant at 17, tries to remake herself into a more mature person and mother.
Disconnected Jennifer Weiner 10-28-2013 Fiction A suspenseful story about a young woman who is trying to clean up her act after six trips to rehab. Read Review
Murder on the Mekong: A Notorious Pirate, a Global Superpower, and a Mystery in the Golden Triangle Jeff Howe 10-28-2013 Narrative A mystery involving Thai military commandos who confront a band of supposed drug runners on the Mekong River. Read Review
Would You Stay? Michael Forster Rothbart 10-28-2013 Essays/Ideas A journalist tries to understand why residents of Chernobyl and Fukushima refuse to leave their homes despite the obvious risks.
The Uhmerican Dream James Bright 10-26-2013 Fiction The story of a bank robbery told through poetry.
Seven Seconds: Memories of the JFK Assassination, the Tragedy That Changed America Holly Millea 10-25-2013 Narrative Interviews with prominent newsmakers who answer the simple question: where were you when you heard the news that JFK had been shot?
The Kennedy Baby Steven Levingston 10-23-2013 Narrative The nonfiction editor at The Washington Post presents an unvarnished portrait of JFK, the family man, especially during August of 1963, when his son Patrick Kennedy was born and died 39 hours later.
A.K.A. Charles Abbott Shawn Vestal 10-22-2013 Memoir The author recalls his father's crimes and how they affected his family for decades.
The Last Judgement of Tony Blair Simon Carr 10-22-2013 Biography The former prime minister of England passes into the afterlife. But who is judging whom? Read Review
The Best of Chelsea Fagan Chelsea Fagan 10-21-2013 Essays/Ideas The collected work of the young writer.
Home Grown Craig Fehrman 10-20-2013 Narrative The inside story of the success of the rock band Cage the Elephant -- and what it meant to a small town in Kentucky.
Jeb Bush: The Kindle Single Interview David Samuels 10-17-2013 Essays/Ideas An in-depth interview with the Republican Presidential contender.
Darwin's Odyssey: The Voyage of the Beagle Kevin Jackson 10-16-2013 Narrative The true story of Charles Darwin's rousing five-year voyage on The Beagle. Read Review
Edie Kiglatuks Christmas M. J. McGrath 10-15-2013 Fiction A mystery about a murder on an Arctic island.
Printer's Devil Court Susan Hill 10-14-2013 Fiction A gripping and suspenseful mystery about a manuscript that lands on the desk of the stepson of a late country doctor in a small English town.
All My Friends Are Engaged Jen Glantz 10-14-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of dating disaster stories.
Devotion: A Rat Story Maile Meloy 10-13-2013 Fiction A young single mother buys a new house and discovers that it's infested with rats. Read Review
The Face Jimmy Santiago Baca 10-11-2013 Essays/Ideas The author speaks for a people alienated by history.
Pam on the Map: Switzerland Pam Stucky 10-11-2013 Memoir The author recalls her journey to Switzerland with five family members in 2007.
Pam on the Map: Ireland Pam Stucky 10-11-2013 Memoir The author tours Ireland by bus for 17 days in 2005.
The Printed Gun Kyle Chayka 10-10-2013 Essays/Ideas 3D printers are enabling anyone to manufacture almost anything they want -- including guns.
The Island After Bennett Madison 10-09-2013 Fiction A haunting novella about recovering reality TV stars and the strange after-life they enter once the cameras are gone. Read Review
Remember that Nice Lady Who Used to Make Homemade Peanut Brittle? She's Dead Tom Oatmeal 10-08-2013 Humor Essays from the self-described most boring man in the world. Read Review
Sluts Christine Stockton 10-07-2013 Essays/Ideas Essays about women and sexuality.
Demon Room, The J.E. Reich 10-07-2013 Fiction The story story of a debauched and troubled artist told through the eyes of his art dealer, who is also both his friend and rival.
The Path Forward for the the News Business Lewis DVorkin 10-07-2013 Essays/Ideas The story of how 96-year-old Forbes magazine created a new model for journalism to weather unprecedented change gripping the content industry.
Tracking of a Russian Spy, The Mitch Swenson 10-06-2013 Narrative The author encounters a beautiful woman in a nightclub who disappears after ten Russian-Americans are arrested on spying charges.
My Daylight Monsters Sarah Dalton 10-04-2013 Fiction A 17-year-old is admitted to a psychiatric unit and wonders how she can get better if the place fills her with dread.
Easy on the Heart Jodi Thomas 10-01-2013 Fiction A 30-year-old cowboy needs to find a wife.
Here There Be Monsters Meljean Brook 10-01-2013 Fiction Ivy Blacksmith is desperate to leave London on a ship.
India Black and the City of Light Caroline Carr 10-01-2013 Fiction India Black and a British spy are ordered to escort a Russian agent to Paris.
An Open Spook E. J. Copperman 10-01-2013 Fiction Strange things happen at a haunted guesthouse on the Jersey Shore.
Cautionary Tales for the New Millenium Eric Nielsson 10-01-2013 Essays/Ideas Short, funny essays about navigating through life.
Dallas, November 22, 1963 Robert Caro 10-01-2013 Narrative A detailed and compelling account of the day President Kennedy was shot. An excerpt from The Passage of Power. Read Review
Classroom Management Q&A Larry Ferlazzo 10-01-2013 Essays/Ideas An award-winning teacher looks into some of the thorniest problems in teaching.
The Bones of Marianna David Kushner 09-30-2013 Narrative An investigation into the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, FL, where nightmares lurked behind a gleaming facade. Read Review
17 Lists That Will Change Your Life Thought Catalog 09-29-2013 Self-help The Thought Catalog pulls together 17 lists that may make you rethink the way you see the world.
The Living Christopher Castellani 09-29-2013 Fiction A man struggles to reconcile the rift between who he is and who he\'s pretending to be.
Uprooted Virginia Hughes 09-29-2013 Narrative The true story of Cheryl White who used genetic tests to dig into her family history and discovered some unsettling facts.
Philosophical Investigations Steve Attridge 09-28-2013 Fiction A middle-age philosophy professor moonlights as a private investigator.
The State of Syria Charles Glass 09-26-2013 Essays/Ideas Essays about the war-ravaged country from a well-known journalist.
Books, Movies,Rhythm, Blues Nick Hornsby 09-26-2013 Essays/Ideas Twenty years of writing about film, music and books.
A Syrian Wedding Nicholas Seeley 09-26-2013 Narrative The true story of a Syrian couple as they prepare for their wedding day as the world around them crumbles.
The Day Began to Spring Jessica Harper 09-25-2013 Memoir A gut-wrenching memoir from a rape survivor.
Ajax Penumbra 1969 Robin Sloan 09-24-2013 Fiction in 1969, a young Ajax Penumbra arrived in San Francisco seeking a mysterious book. Read Review
It Is All in Your Head Eva Hagberg 09-24-2013 Memoir After five years of not feeling well and being told by doctors that it was all in her head, a woman discovers that she has a mass in her brain. Read Review
Computerised You Shane Richmond 09-23-2013 Essays/Ideas Wearable technology is turning our bodies into the new frontier for electronic gadgets.
Cocaine Cowgirl Jennie Erin Smith 09-23-2013 Narrative The outrageous exploits and mysterious death of Griselda Blanco, the Godmother of Medellin. Read Review
Grant Me the Serenity Billie Livingston 09-23-2013 Narrative The story of two sisters struggling to survive a battle with addiction.
Voices of the Drowned Pierce Butler 09-23-2013 Fiction A child\'s accidental death threatens a marriage.
Pushover Roger Granelli 09-22-2013 Fiction An elderly survivor of the Holocaust living in Cardiff, Wales, has a chance encounter with two drunken hooligans.
Gosnells Babies Steve Volk 09-22-2013 Narrative The true story about the abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell whose Philadelphia clinic turned out to be a house of horrors. Read Review
Ticked Wendy Orent 09-19-2013 Narrative A deep investigation into the science surrounding Lyme disease and how it is diagnosed.
The Heist Will McIntosh 09-17-2013 Fiction An unlikely crew has met up in Las Vegas to pull off the ultimate robbery.
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Elliot James 09-17-2013 Fiction A man helps a woman with a supposedly minor ghost problem.
Dancing Laurell K. Hamilton 09-17-2013 Fiction An Anita Blake vampire hunter novel.
Connected: The Power of Modern Community Marc Thomas, Hannah Waldram, Ed Walker 09-17-2013 Cooking/Eating The authors explore examples from across the world which demonstrate the power of social media especially when it combines with physical communities.
Authentic Occupy Travis Mushett 09-16-2013 Essays/Ideas In this lively memoir/analysis, the author takes readers inside Occupy and demystifies a movement.
Donald Rumsfeld: The Kindle Singles Interview David Samuels 09-15-2013 Essays/Ideas The two-time Secretary of Defense discusses the global war on terror and other topics in an exclusive interview for Amazon.
Gods of Risk James Corey 09-15-2013 Fiction A teenage boy leads a secret life as a drug dealer while tension mounts between Earth and Mars.
The Girl in Room Fourteen Carol Drinkwater 09-15-2013 Fiction When Cecile was 19, she traveled to the border of Italy and France, where she met an enigmatic man who offered her a future beyond her wildest dreams. Read Review
The Drugs Don't Work Professor Dame Sally Davies 09-15-2013 Essays/Ideas The author argues that resistance to the current range of antibiotics is the new inconvenient truth.
This Will Never Happen Again David Cain 09-12-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of reflections on the modern world.
A Faithful Man Robert Elkin 09-12-2013 Fiction A religious Jew travels on a train bound for a death camp during the Holocaust.
Descent: A Memoir of Madness David Guterson 09-10-2013 Memoir A memoir about Guterson's fall into depression following 9/11. From the author of Snow Falling on Cedars. Read Review
From Rocket Boys to October Sky Homer Hickam 09-10-2013 Memoir The behind-the-scenes story of the making of the movie October Sky.
The Taste of Marmalade Tessa McWatt 09-10-2013 Fiction A young Polish woman working at a London cafe, falls in love with a lecturer in film studies.
Who Shot Ahmed? Elizabeth Dickinson 09-05-2013 Narrative The true story of the murder of a 22-year-old videographer killed at the height of Arab Spring revolution in Bahrain.
A Twenty-Something Nothing Danielle Campoamor 09-05-2013 Memoir An account of what it is like to be twenty-something in 2013
Nothing to Lose Jill Shalvis 09-03-2013 Fiction A novella about a high stakes romance featuring a woman who has nothing left to lose.
The Shadow of Mist Yasmine Galenom 09-03-2013 Fiction A woman flees Ireland for a new life in America and takes with her a dark secret.
No God Zone Cristina Odone 09-02-2013 Essays/Ideas Prayer was once a part of daily life. Today, a new spirit is blowing. Read Review
Collisions Elizabeth Day 09-01-2013 Fiction A motorbike accident leaves two people sprawled on the tarmac.
Berlin45 Philip Gibson 08-31-2013 Fiction The story of the end of World War II told through hundreds of tweets from major historical figures who had prominent roles in the conflict. Read Review
Annabelle Nancy Christie 08-31-2013 Fiction All a lonely young woman wants is to love and be loved.
Design Crazy: Good Looks, Hot Tempers, and True Genius at Apple Max Chafkin 08-31-2013 Business An oral history of the great products that Apple developed featuring the men and women who worked with Steve Jobs.
Maestro Mario Andrew Schartmann 08-30-2013 Essays/Ideas How Nintendo transformed videogame music into art.
Nada Mike Heppner 08-27-2013 Fiction A NYU professor and a reality TV star named Nada Zilch spend a wild night together in Manhattan. Read Review
The Flag David Friend 08-27-2013 Narrative The story behind the iconic image of three firefighters hoisting a dust-laden Old Glory at Ground Zero on 9/11. An excerpt from the book Watching the World Change.
The Blind Policeman Stephen Glover 08-26-2013 Fiction A French film director returns to his Venetian apartment to grieve over the recent death of his father.
Finding Shakespeare Daniel Fromson 08-26-2013 Narrative A troubled Vietnam veteran stages the first-ever original pronunciation production of the work of Shakespeare in New York City. Read Review
The Dead Girl in the Bathtub Lisa DePaulo 08-26-2013 Biography In the spring of 2013, a beautiful young paralegal was found dead in the bathtub of her boss and lover, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer. Was it an accident....or foul play? Read Review
This Would Drive Him Crazy: A Phony Oral History of J.D. Salinger Tom Ruprecht 08-26-2013 Fiction A long-time writer for the Late Show with David Letterman has written a hilarious fake oral history of the most famous recluse in the world. Read Review
Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet Laurie Penny 08-22-2013 Biography In the brave new world of digital communications, old-style sexism is making itself felt in new and frightening ways.
Planet Carnivore Alex Renton 08-22-2013 Essays/Ideas Our insatiable desire for meat has defined how we use our planet.
Bobby's Diner Susan Wingate 08-22-2013 Fiction A woman inherits half of Bobby's Diner and discovers to her surprise and shock that she must share it with his first wife.
Hotter Than Helen Susan Wingate 08-22-2013 Fiction The second book in the "Bobby's Diner" series featuring Georgette Carlisle and her old friend Helen who is attracted to her man.
The Mercenary Joshua Davis 08-21-2013 Narrative A down-and-out former soldier is hired to find out who robbed a Peruvian mine. Read Review
Handcuffed in Housewares Nikki Duncan 08-20-2013 Fiction A man has a bad date and winds up naked and chained to a toilet in a housewares store.
The Rise of the Hotel Dumort Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson 08-20-2013 Fiction Another saga in the Bane Chronicles.
Desire: The Dining Club Marina Anderson 08-20-2013 Fiction Erotic fiction
Make Your Own Sandwich Julie Mastrine 08-20-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays about gender politics.
The Secret Agent Stephan Talty 08-20-2013 Narrative The incredible story of Eric Erickson, one of the most important American spies of WW II. Read Review
My Life Is a Soap Opera Chris Wiewiora 08-16-2013 Memoir After graduating college, the author can only find work in a pizza parlor and experiences frustrations in his love life.
Obsessed: The Compulsions and Creations of Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz Steve Volk 08-16-2013 Narrative A character study of Jeffrey Schwartz, a controversial, often combative psychiatrist and expert on obsessive-compulsive disorder. Read Review
One Last Xanax Oliver Miller 08-16-2013 Fiction A collection of short stories
Charmed, I Am Sure Elliott James 08-15-2013 Biography The first in a series of books about John Charming, who comes from a long line of witch finders, monster slayers and enchantment breakers.
Searching for Dave Chappelle Jason Zinoman 08-14-2013 Biography The essential analysis of the life and times of the famed comedian who stepped off the stage in 2005 at the height of his career. Read Review
Galatea Madeline Miller 08-13-2013 Fiction A retelling of the Pygmalion myth from the statue's perspective
In the Name of the King Jo Marchant 08-13-2013 History An award-winning author explores the storm of science and politics swirling around Egypt's most famous son, King Tut.
Severe Weather National Geographic 08-13-2013 Narrative An exploration of some of the worst natural disasters in history with tips on how to protect yourself.
Chris Paul: An Unauthorized Biography Belmont and Belcourt 08-13-2013 Biography A look at the NBA star -- his upbringing, his high school and college careers, and his life in the NBA.
The Permanent War: Rise of the Drones The Washington Post 08-12-2013 Narrative A collection of articles from The Washington Post about how the use of drones became a permanent weapon of war.
Learning to Speak Crystal Vaughan 08-11-2013 Memoir A memoir about the difficult teenage years of the author at home and school, until her participation in a play changed her outlook.
Love, Sex and Other Things You Might Find at the Airport Zaron Burnett III 08-09-2013 Fiction A collection of essays about love, sex and the necessity of romance.
For the Public Good Belle Boggs 08-08-2013 Narrative The sad story of the more than 7,600 North Carolinians who were sterilized, often without informed consent.
Exit Ramp: A Short Case Study of the Profitability of Panhandling David Spears 08-06-2013 Narrative What does a panhandler earn on a highway exit ramp? The author sets out to find out.
High Heat Lee Childs 08-06-2013 Biography A Jack Reacher novel set in the summer of 1977 when the killer Son of Sam terrorized New York and a power failure plunged the city into chaotic darkness. Read Review
Africa Lost: Rhodesia's COIN Killing Machine Dan Tharp, Brandon Webb 08-06-2013 Biography Teh lost chapter about Rhodesia\'s special ops unit specializing in sabotage and unconventional warfare.
Ranger Knowledge Erik Larson, Jack Murphy, Brandon Webb 08-06-2013 Essays/Ideas The ins and outs of the Special Operations selection program.
Time Crossed Katie MacAlister 08-06-2013 Fiction A new Time Thief novella
Going Dark Robison Wells 08-06-2013 Fiction Objects keep bursting into flames around a woman and the fire never seems to hurt her.
The Devil of Williamsburg Allison Yarrow 08-06-2013 Narrative A true crime story about one of the most shocking child sex cases that took place in Jewish Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Read Review
Grade My Teacher Tom Perrotta 08-06-2013 Fiction A high school math teacher has a coffee date with a student who has posted negative comments about her on a public website. Read Review
The Graduates: Dispatches from the Debtcade After College Kevin Nguyen 08-05-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays about college grads entering the worst job market in decades.
Shark Attacks Gordon Grice 08-05-2013 Essays/Ideas Inside the mind of the ocean\'s most terrifying predator.
Jet Lag Ann Birstein 08-04-2013 Memoir The author visits the extermination camps of Eastern Europe in her incongruously named "European Discovery Tour." Read Review
Hand of Darkness Roger Hurn 08-04-2013 Fiction A follow-up crime thriller set in London to the best-selling Business Is Murder featuring private eye Ryan Kyd.
Almost Tall Vestal McIntyre 08-04-2013 Fiction A teenage girl is plucked from her midwestern ballet class and dropped in the glittering New York penthouse of her uncle. Read Review
Learning from the Voice in My Head Eleanor Longden 08-04-2013 Memoir Part personal memoir and part medical argument, this e-book single challenges society?s definition of crazy.
Learning from the Voice in My Head Eleanor Longden 08-04-2013 Memoir Part personal memoir and part medical argument, this e-book single challenges society?s definition of crazy.
The Man with the Electrified Brain: Adventures in Madness Simon Winchester 08-01-2013 Narrative The author describes his terrifying descent into near madness 40 years ago. Read Review
President Barack Obama David Blum 07-31-2013 History An exclusive interview with President Obama conducted by David Blum, the editor of Kindle Singles.
Streak of Lightning Clare O\'Donohue 07-31-2013 Fiction Nell and Jess take time to solve a murder on their way to New York.
Stand Up Tall: Dizzee Rascal and the Birth of Grime Dan Hancox 07-30-2013 Narrative The story of Dizzee Rascal and how the teenage musical genius made the best British album of this century.
Dead Pig Collector Warren Ellis 07-30-2013 Fiction The story of Mister Sun, a proficient businessman whose stock in trade is murder and the spotless removal of his victims. Read Review
The King's Guard Rae Carson 07-30-2013 Fiction A Girl of Fire and Thorns novella.
The Big Data Revolution Barry Libert 07-29-2013 Business Ten points to help you capitalize on the big data revolution
The Mobile Revolution Barry Libert 07-29-2013 Business Two components of the mobile revolution -- mobile devices and the Internet of Things -- are transforming our lives.
The Social Revolution Barry Libert 07-29-2013 Business How social media is beginning to shape business.
President Shimon Peres David Samuels 07-25-2013 Essays/Ideas A 42-page Q&A with the president of Israel. The first in the Kindle Single Interview series.
The Closet and the Clown John DeLamar, Jr. 07-24-2013 Essays/Ideas A study of the Stephen King epic novel It, in which the author questions why straight society featured the murderous clown, while queer society found a chilling compatriot.
Life and Death in Assisted Living A.C. Thompson, Jonathan Jones 07-24-2013 Narrative The story of Joan Boice, a retiree with dementia, who checks into a facility run by America\'s largest assisted living company.
The Nerd's Guide to Being Confident Mark Manson 07-23-2013 Self-help An unconventional way at looking at a basic human emotion with tips about how to acquire it.
End of Gays Mark Simpson 07-23-2013 Essays/Ideas In this provocative essay, the author wonders if gays are victims of their own success.
The Suitor Mary Balogh 07-22-2013 Fiction A young woman on the marriage mart plots to claim her love.
A Terror Jeffery Ford 07-22-2013 Fiction Emily Dickinson has a strange encounter one morning.
The Best of Beverly Beckham Beverly Beckham 07-21-2013 Essays/Ideas The best articles from the popular Boston Globe columnist.
Born to Run Barefoot Chas Gillespie 07-17-2013 Self-help An examination of the injury epidemic sweeping running and advice on what runners can do to avoid getting hurt.
Old Dead Futures Tina Connolly 07-17-2013 Fiction A young boy\'s ability to change the future makes him valuable to the government.
Contains Multitudes Ben Burgis 07-17-2013 Fiction A generation of teenagers share their bodies and souls with an alien who just barely destroyed earth
So Far It's Been Pretty Awkward Karisa Tell 07-16-2013 Memoir A light-hearted collection of essays from a young, female writer.
Start Somewhere Caroline Zancan 07-16-2013 Fiction A young man falls instantly for a woman he spots at a party.
Blood and Water: An Anglo-Iranian Love Story Katharine Quarmby 07-16-2013 Memoir The author\'s 20-year search for her Iranian birth fater
Island Road Lily Everett 07-16-2013 Fiction The third novella in Everett\'s \"Billionaire Brothers\" trilogy.
Corporate Journeyman Kamini Arichandran 07-16-2013 Fiction Traveling home from a business trip, a man reflects on what it takes to succeed.
Lost and Found in Cedar Cove Debbie Macomber 07-15-2013 Fiction A new series set at the Rose Harbor Inn, features Jo Marie Rose as she prepares her inn for the spring season.
The Pioneer Detectives Konstantin Kakaes 07-15-2013 Narrative An unknown force causes Pioneer 10, the first man-made object to study Jupiter, to mysteriously leave the solar system.
Hacking Hollywood Chuck Salter 07-15-2013 Narrative A chronicle of disruptive entertainment startups as well as stories about the biggest and brightest minds in Hollywood. From the pages of Fast Company magazine.
Murder in the Pencil Factory R. Barri Flowers 07-12-2013 Narrative An examination into the 1913 murder of a teenage girl in a factory in Atlanta.
Coronado High Josh Bearman 07-10-2013 Narrative Set in the swinging 70s, a San Diego-area high school teacher organizes his ex-students into a well-organized, global, pot-smuggling operation. Read Review
Rocket Man Brian McElmurry 07-09-2013 Fiction Two bong-hitting buddies in Denver recall their youthful adventures.
Napoleon: Ascent to Power Charles Esdaile 07-09-2013 History A chronicle of Napoleon\'s rise to power; an excerpt from \"Napoleon\'s War.\"
To Have and Uphold Adam Liptak 07-09-2013 Narrative The Supreme Court and the battle for same-sex marriage, by the Supreme Court reporter for The New York Times
Conspiracy of Letters Liel Leibovitz 07-09-2013 Narrative A writer for Tablet Magazine offers a new version of the story regarding the French Jewish officer wrongfully accused of treason Read Review
CRASH! How I Lost a Hundred Billion and Found True Love Julian Gough 07-09-2013 Fiction An unsuccessful chicken farmer finds himself at the center of Europe\\\'s sovereign debt crisis. Read Review
Nuclear 2.0 Mark Lynas 07-09-2013 Essays/Ideas The author argues that nuclear energy is essential to avoid catastrophic global warming.
Kobe Bryant Belmont and Belcourt 07-09-2013 Biography An unauthorized biography
Seeking the Cure Unknown Pamela Weintraub 07-09-2013 Essays/Ideas The final chapter in Weintraub\'s investigation into Lyme disease.
I Died on a Hot June Day Sheree Fitch 07-07-2013 Memoir At age 15, the author lied to her parents about her plans for the day, leading to the most terrifying incident in her life.
Playing It Safe Education Week Press 07-05-2013 Self-help Tips on reducing concussions and head injuries in school sports
Letters from My Therapist Dave Schilling 07-03-2013 Memoir A collection of funny and poignant essays from a neurotic 20something writer.
Pink Bits Kat George 07-02-2013 Memoir The author\'s exploration into what it means to grow up with \"pink bits between your legs.\"
Let Me Be Your Star Rachel Shukert 07-02-2013 Memoir An inventive memoir and observation on culture by the author of a widely read recap blog about the tv show SMASH Read Review
Alien Landing John Hooper 07-02-2013 Narrative A look at Beppe Grillo and how his political party disrupted the world of Italian politics.
I Forgot to Be Famous Almie Rose 07-01-2013 Memoir Musings on dating, relationships, and getting screwed and screwed over in LA from a writer who\'s been there and done that.
Seismic Shift Carolyn Nash 06-30-2013 Fiction A troubled couple search for their four-year-old son after a massive earthquake.
Heart of a Champion Miami Herald Sports 06-28-2013 Narrative A commemorative e-book single about the NBA\'s Miami Heat and their championship season
The Oilman's Daughter Evan Ratliff 06-26-2013 Narrative The true story of Judith Patterson who discovered at age 33 that she was the illegitimate daughter of a Texas oil mogul.
The Wanderer in Unknown Realms Michael Connelly 06-25-2013 Fiction The owner of a grand country house disappears and clues to his whereabouts lead to a London bookseller. Read Review
The Swag Man Howard Jacobson 06-25-2013 Narrative A funny and moving tale about the greatest \"swag\" man in the history of Manchester, England.
Eve in Hollywood Amor Towles 06-25-2013 Fiction Six stories, each told from a different point of view, about Eve Ross in the heart of old Hollywood.
The Sopranos Changes Everything Alan Sepinwall 06-25-2013 Essays/Ideas A chapter from the book TheRevolution Was Televised by a noted tv critic.
The Trouble with Rane Robert Beacham 06-23-2013 Biography Science fiction tale set in the year 2217 with androids, Rangers, gun battles and aliens.
The Battle of $9.99 Andrew Richard Albanese 06-19-2013 Narrative How Apple, Amazon and the big six publishers changed the e-book business overnight.
The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook Ian MacMillan, James Thompson 06-18-2013 Business A guide for social entrepreneurs.
The Probable Outcomes John Fischer 06-18-2013 Fiction A failed alcoholic marketing guru goes to Ohio searching for a big idea that can save a faltering food company.
Hawkeytown Chicago Tribune staff 06-18-2013 Narrative A compilation of stories, columns and photos from The Chicago Tribune about the NHL-championship year of the Chicago Blackhawks
The Yoga Store Murders Peter Ross Range 06-17-2013 Narrative The true story of the murder of a young woman at Lululemon in Bethesda, MD.
Fetching Raymond John Grisham 06-17-2013 Fiction The family of Raymond Graney visits him on death row in Ford County. Read Review
Girls? Stephanie Georgopulos 06-17-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of 13 essays about what it means to be a young, single woman in New York City.
The Goodreads Killer Dave Franklin 06-15-2013 Fiction A man has an unhealthy obsession to make it as a writer.
Gut Instinct Brad Taylor 06-11-2013 Fiction Pike Logan?s partner Jennifer Cahill goes up against a fellow Taskforce operator in a mission that will put their authority, careers, and innocent lives on the line.
The Burning E.C. Ambrose 06-11-2013 Fiction Part of \"The Dark Apostle\" fantasy series set in 14th century England.
Not Until You Roni Loren 06-11-2013 Fiction An 8-part series about a nice young woman who becomes involved with a man who enjoys kinky sex.
Braking Bad Richard Poplak 06-11-2013 Narrative Lance Armstrong and the culture of corruption
Hunger Susan Hill 06-10-2013 Fiction Oddly silent children begin appearing at the home of a couple who just moved to the country.
Out for Blood Margot Adler 06-10-2013 Essays/Ideas A meditation on why vampires have such an appeal in our society now. Read Review
Three Days in Gettysburg Brian Mockenhaupt 06-09-2013 Narrative Timed for the 150th anniversary of the epic battle of the Civil War, this story follows the lives of three people caught in the war\\\'s deadly web. Read Review
High-Status Characters Brian Raftery 06-07-2013 Narrative How the comedy group the Uptight Citizens Brigade stormed a city, start a scene and changed comedy forever.
The Upstream Doctors Rishi Manchanda 06-06-2013 Essays/Ideas The author argues that our health may depend more on our social and environmental settings than it does on cutting-edge medical care.
The Handle and the Hold David Mamet 06-04-2013 Fiction Two WW II veterans are hired to steal an airplane to smuggle arms to Palestine. Read Review
The Infernos of Dante and Dan Brown Gary Jansen 06-04-2013 Essays/Ideas This short guide introduces readers to Dante\'s epic poem and looks at how Brown uses Dante\'s imagery in his latest novel.
The Blue Girl Alex Grecian 06-04-2013 Fiction In 1889, a constable in Scotland Yard\'s Murder Squad, investigates the murder of a girl found in a canal.
Ace Jones Stephanie McAfee 06-04-2013 Fiction After she breaks up with her boyfriend, Ace Jones visits a therapist and is disappointed.
Nonstop Spaniels Linda Johnson 06-04-2013 Fiction Pet rescuer Lauren Vancouver investigates the murder of a veterinarian.
The Infernos of Dante and Dan Brown Gary Jansen 06-04-2013 Essays/Ideas This short guide introduces readers to Dante\'s epic poem and looks at how Brown uses Dante\'s imagery in his latest novel.
Paladins of Shannara: The Black Irix Terry Brooks 06-03-2013 Fiction An old friend urges Shea Ohmsford to take a risk in the concluding story of this gripping series.
How to Be a Playgirl Jessanne Collins 06-03-2013 Memoir A memoir by feminist who wound up working for Playgirl magazine in the 70s.
The Insurrectionist Michael Dahlie 05-31-2013 Fiction An unsuccessful American businessman living in London is pushed to the breaking point.
Willing to Be Lucky Mickey Rapkin 05-31-2013 Memoir The author recalls his attraction to New York as a young man.
All the Young Dudes Mark Dery 05-31-2013 Essays/Ideas Cultural critic Mark Dery on why glam rock matters.
The Charisma Coach Teresa Chin 05-29-2013 Business A profile of the Olivia Fox Cabane, who teaches technology big shots to be more human.
Busted Karin Slaughter 05-28-2013 Fiction The prequel to Slaughter\'s novel Unseen. Read Review
Wild in the Seats James Wolcott 05-28-2013 Narrative The scandalous premiere of the ballet \\\"The Rite of Spring\\\" in Paris 100 years ago is recalled. Read Review
A Dangerous Delusion Peter Osborne, David Morrison 05-27-2013 Essays/Ideas Why the West is wrong about nuclear Iran. The authors argue that the grounds for an attack on Iran do not exist.
Stray Bullet Gary Rivlin 05-27-2013 Narrative A reporter befriends a young criminal who has been sent to prison.
Rationing and Revelry Janie Hampton 05-24-2013 Narrative The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 is explored.
The Mystery of Sept. 11 and the State Lotteries HR Mason 05-23-2013 Narrative After notifying the FBI of a possible suspect linked to the \"Anthrax\" letters, the author becomes a victim of stalking.
Friends of Whitmore Michael Farmighetti 05-21-2013 Fiction A man meets a woman who invents a mutual acquiantance.
A World of Hurt Barry Meier 05-21-2013 Essays/Ideas New York Times reporter Barry Meier examines how prescription painkillers are often ineffective in treating long-term pain.
The Heart Goes Last Margaret Atwood 05-21-2013 Fiction The fourth installment in Atwood\'s \"Positron\" serial looking at life in Big Brother America.
Pros and Cons Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg 05-17-2013 Fiction An FBI agent tries to derail a shrewd con artist\\\'s plot to plunder a rich man\\\'s Chicago penthouse of all of its treasures. Read Review
A Year Without Makeup Stephanie Yoder 05-17-2013 Memoir The author is fed up with her job, quits, and travels throughout Asia.
Death of an American Sniper Anthony Swofford 05-16-2013 Narrative The extraordinary life and shocking death of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history Read Review
Mistried Paul Alexander 05-16-2013 Narrative The true story of a man tried six times for the same brutal crime.
Fun as Hell LJ Kummer 05-14-2013 Memoir A reporter reflects on his career choices while spending a day at a military training facility. Read Review
At Los Alamos Jeremy Bernstein 05-14-2013 Narrative A brief history of the atomic bomb that had been developed at government laboratories in Los Alamos, New Mexico, by a team of outstanding physicists.
A Warm Breadth Scott Nadelson 05-08-2013 Essays/Ideas The author deals with grief after the premature death of a close friend, coupled with the joy of the birth of his first child.
India Dishonoured Sunny Hundai 05-07-2013 Essays/Ideas The author contends that the nation is at war with its women and tries to understand the contradictions of how India treats women.
Cutting the Cord Mark Glaser 05-07-2013 Self-help For consumers angered by rising cable and satellite costs, this handy guide is for you.
The 1st Victim Tami Hoag 05-07-2013 Fiction Homocide detectives Sam Kovac and Nikka Liska return to investigate the death of a Jane Doe.
His Broken Angel Beth Ciotta 05-07-2013 Fiction A sexy novella about rebellion, redemption and the healing powers of love amid budding global chaos.
Sunset a Keyhole Canyon Jesse Hayworth 05-07-2013 Fiction An interior designer books a vacation at a ranch and runs into a man she once dated.
Pandemic: Our Fears and Facts Sunetra Gupta 05-06-2013 Essays/Ideas An Oxford university professor questions whether we are creating conditions for the emergence of new and highly virulent human infectious diseases.
Killer Girlfriend: The Jodi Arias Story Josh Hoffner, Brian Skoloff 05-04-2013 Narrative The first definitive account to be published on the entire case.
The Road Less Graveled Wendy Laird 05-02-2013 Memoir The story of a family that escapes a collapsing economy and the hectic American lifestyle by following their dream to Italy.
The Dark Flow of Jessica Bitterroot Camilla Marks 05-01-2013 Fiction A dark, fantasy-driven novella which offers a fictional spin on the origins of Rowling\'s Potter books.
False Economies Gordon Haber 04-29-2013 Fiction A funny love story set in 1990\'s London about a young American who falls for an older and more sophisticated woman.
Kissed by the Taliban Carmen Gentile 04-29-2013 Memoir The author was a freelance reporter embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan when he got shot in the face. Read Review
Jodi Arias, Accused Killer Tamworth Grice 04-29-2013 Biography A short biography and psychological analysis of Jodi Arias.
Denial Jonathan Rauch 04-29-2013 Memoir The author\\\'s memoir about his life and discovery at age 25 that he was gay. Read Review
Mr. Dooley Now and Forever Finley Dunne 04-24-2013 Fiction Thoughts on life and politics, from a turn-of-the-20th-century Chicago saloonkeeper.
Legends of Last Place Abe Streep 04-24-2013 Narrative A look at a last place professional baseball team in the least-prestigious professional league in America.
Messenger Craig Johnson 04-23-2013 Fiction Sheriff Longmire faces an otherwordly messenger in the hilarious short tale.
What the Most Successful People Do at Work Laura Vanderkam 04-23-2013 Self-help Inside tips on how a few simple changes can make you more productive and fulfilled in your career.
The Last Man Susan Jacoby 04-23-2013 Essays/Ideas A feminist questions whether the last pre-feminist generation of men had it all.\r\n
The Slave House Charles Lambert 04-22-2013 Fiction A young gay English teacher works in southern Portugal and has an affair with a female colleague.\r\n
99 Stories of God Joy Williams 04-22-2013 Fiction A series of fictional vignettes that explores our day-to-day interactions with an ever-elusive and arbitrary God. \\r\\n
Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Websites Tiffany Peon 04-21-2013 Memoir In the course of one year, the author uses 14 different onling dating to find the man of her dreams.\\r\\n Read Review
Wine Simplified Marnie Old 04-19-2013 Cooking Common sense advice on how to pair wine with any food.
The Big Race Michael Brick 04-17-2013 Narrative A mysterious military vet lures hundreds of bikers on a dangerous transcontinental motorcycle journey.\r\n
Always Right Niall Ferguson 04-16-2013 Essays/Ideas An origina, incisive and witty account of Margaret Thatcher\\\\\\\'s reign as British Prime Minister. Read Review
Trial by Fury Douglas Preston 04-15-2013 Narrative Internet savagery and the Amanda Knox case Read Review
Fired Up: A Shrink's Musing Patricia Farrell, Ph.D 04-15-2013 Self-help An electic collection of essays and insights from a popular psychologist and WebMD expert.
Dating After 50 Marie Dina 04-11-2013 Self-help Dating tips for older women.
Free at Last Erik German 04-11-2013 Fiction A savage crime is committed on the same day that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his \"I Have a Dream\" speech.\r\n
How to Be Beyoncé Madison Moore 04-10-2013 Essays/Ideas A meditation of Beyoncé\'s place in our culture, why we love her so much and what we can learn from her image.\r\n
Operation Vengeance TJ Waters 04-10-2013 Narrative The link between the assassination of Pearl Harbor mastermind Admiral Yamamoto and the SEAL Team Six raid to kill Osama Bin Laden
Fox 8 George Saunders 04-09-2013 Fiction A comic story about the impact humans have on the environment. Read Review
PhiLOLZophy: Critical Thinking in Digestible Doses Chrissy Stockton, Sarah Heuer 04-09-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of the best work from the blog PhiLOLZophy (about you-know-what).
In the Tunnel Takamichi Okubo 04-09-2013 Fiction A grieving widower is trapped in a collapsed tunnel and seeks his freedom with a woman who reminds him of his late wife. Read Review
Unspoken Luke Allnutt 04-08-2013 Biography The author learns that his father has only a few months to live.
The Man Who Owns a Little Mark Ernest Pothier 04-08-2013 Fiction A strong relationship between two men cracks while they are both in their 30s.
Murder in Mesa: All You Need to Know About the Jodi Arias Case Laura Vincent 04-07-2013 Essays/Ideas A legal analyst provides an account of the facts in the lurid case.
Margaret Thatcher: A Life New Word City Editors 04-07-2013 Biography An examination of the life of the British Prime Minister. Read Review
Behind the Blue Door Jayne Ormerod 04-06-2013 Fiction A woman sets out to discover what happened in the house she lived in more than 30 years ago.
Lesterland: The Corruption of Congress and How to End It Lawrence Lessig 04-03-2013 Essays/Ideas Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig\'s take on the corruption of Congress and how to end it.
Bad Luck in Berlin Tom Wood 04-02-2013 Fiction A former assassin-for-hire gets surprised when he goes to Berlin on a supposedly simple assignment.
Armed and Dangerous Jo Davis 04-02-2013 Fiction From the author of the \"Firefighters of Station Five\" series, comes a novella about Sugarland\'s favorite cop -- and the woman who tries to woo him.
A Textbook Case Jeffery Deaver 04-02-2013 Fiction Former NYPD Detective Lincoln Rhyme attempts to solve the case of a young woman found murdered in a parking garage. Read Review
Cave & Julia M. John Harrison 04-02-2013 Fiction A love story set between our world and another.
If Snow Hadn't Fallen S.J. Bolton 04-02-2013 Fiction The dark world of London police officer Lacey Flint, where nothing is as it seems.
The Other Side Chevy Stevens 04-02-2013 Fiction Staff Sergeant Sandy McBride is working on the biggest case of her life when she gets a lead about the unsolved murder of her mother in this crime thriller.
Saved at Sunrise C.C. Hunter 04-02-2013 Fiction Rogue vampires may be preying on teenagers with supernatural powers who live in a special camp in the woods.
Pleased to Be Otherwise Gina Ochsner 03-27-2013 Fiction A young boy in Ozbekistan navigates the strange world of camel breeding.
The Fall of the Berlin Wall New York Times reporters 03-27-2013 Essays/Ideas A selection of New York Times articles about the fall of the wall.
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A Job for Joe Joe Paris Lee 03-25-2013 Memoir The author recalls the 56 jobs he\'s had over his lifetime.
Debris Corin Cummings 03-24-2013 Fiction A man leaves his bride-to-be underwater while scuba diving in the Caribbean. Read Review
Down the Line Steven Mufson 03-24-2013 Narrative The battle over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and what it means for America's energy future.
Mayflower: The Voyage from Hell Kevin Jackson 03-23-2013 Narrative The harrowing, true story of the grim 1620 crossing of the Atlantic. Read Review
I Love Life, I Just Wish I Were Better at It Christopher Hudspeth 03-20-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of the author's most self-deprecating and neurotic writings.
The Stoned Age Aaron Gilbreath 03-18-2013 Narrative A young man attempts to give up smoking pot.
Explaining the Explicit Julian Barnes, Vicki Feaver, Rachel Johnson, David Bellos, Sarah Churchwell 03-17-2013 Essays/Ideas Five writers explain how best to write about sex.
That's What She Said Mara Altman 03-17-2013 Memoir A memoir of the author's experience becoming a standup comedian.
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Solomon Island Matthew Fishbane 03-14-2013 Narrative The author travels to the Solomon Islands looking for the Lost Temple of Solomon.
Monster Bridget Clerkin 03-14-2013 Fiction A dark tale of a woman struggling to keep her family together against a tide of unsettling events
The Battle for Ireland Norman Davies 03-12-2013 Fiction Excerpted from "Vanished Kingdoms."
Shark Attack Richard Ellis 03-12-2013 Essays/Ideas A noted marine conservationist addresses myths and misconceptions regarding sharks.
How to Get the Crabs Snowden Wright 03-11-2013 Memoir The author spends a few months living at the beach, loses his virginity, and has a close encounter with lice.
England, My England Mark Dery 03-11-2013 Essays/Ideas Anglophilia explained.
Swimming and Running Mark Haddon 03-11-2013 Essays/Ideas Philosophical and literary essays where he reveals his fear of flying and running. From the author of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time."
Asperger Love Amy Harmon 03-10-2013 Narrative A young Aspergian couple struggle with the challenges of their disability as they try to maintain a relationshiop.
Anything for Love Frank Gilroy 03-10-2013 Fiction Portrait of a woman suffering from a mid-life crisis.
The Jodi Arias Guide to Dating Randi Stalker 03-08-2013 Humor A parody inspired by Jodi Arias, the young woman convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend.
The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI Charles Coulombe 03-05-2013 Narrative A prominent Catholic historian examines the Pacy of Pope Benedict XVI.
Le Petite Mort Jasmine Haynes 03-05-2013 Fiction A successful cosmetics executive wants to be worshipped in bed by two men.
Until You Bleed James O'Brien 03-05-2013 Narrative It's a story of a city and a wounded woman both under the gun.
The Silent Ghost Sue Ann Jaffarian 03-05-2013 Fiction A young woman's mother is a famous medium who hosts a tv show on paranormal activity.
Payoff Alex Hughes 03-05-2013 Fiction A telepath helps Atlanta police solve murders.
Shift Kathy Reichs 03-05-2013 Fiction A renowned forensic anthropologist investigates a robbery at a research institute on an island.
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How to Get Into Harvard Paul Micou 03-04-2013 Fiction Another teenage girl, someone almost certain of admission to Harvard, watches as the police investigate.
Death of a Good Job Matthew Newton 02-27-2013 Narrative The author loses his fulltime job. Read Review
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The 2013 Academy Awards: Nominees and Winners 02-26-2013 Essays/Ideas A compilation of reviews of all films from 2013 that received Academy Award
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Maybe in Another Universe Gaby Dunn 02-20-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays.
The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere John Chu 02-20-2013 Fiction In the future, when water falls from the sky whenever someone tells a lie, a gay man grapples with what to tell his family before his marriage.
Addicted to Food James Erlichman 02-20-2013 Essays/Ideas An examination of the obesity epidemic.
Litva Norman Davies 02-19-2013 Narrative "Vanished Kingdoms."
Klopsock, or The Distant Sound Robert Cohen 02-19-2013 Fiction A dramatic account of writer Franz Kafka's last days as seen through the eyes of his doctor.
Wounded Knee 1973: Still Bleeding Stew Magnuson 02-18-2013 Narrative The American Indian movement, the FBI and their fight to bury the sins of the past
Marlon Brando, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 02-14-2013 Biography TIME magazine's legendary film critic looks at Brando's career.
The Education of Nia Simone Bijou Eric Jermoe Dickey 02-14-2013 Fiction The formative college years of one of Dickey's most popular heriones.
How Did You End Up Here? Davy Rothbart 02-14-2013 Essays/Ideas Reporter Davy Rothbarts collects 140 of his favorite questions he poses to people he\'s just met
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Charlie Chaplin, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 02-13-2013 Biography The entertaining life of cinematic visionary Charlie Chaplin.
Angel Season J.T. Petty 02-13-2013 Fiction A father and son engage in one last illegal hunt for angels.
Noir Linda Mannheim 02-13-2013 Fiction In 1986, a couple coups with life in strife-ridden Miami.
How to Tell if Somebody Loves You January Nelson 02-13-2013 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays about the nature of love.
Dresden: A Survivor's Story Victor Gregg 02-13-2013 Narrative A U.S. POW survives the vicious bombing of Dresden, German during WWII. Read Review
Phoenix Chuck Palahniuk 02-13-2013 Fiction A woman marries a man because he appears mild-mannered and then begins to suspect he may be vindictive.
Mars Direct Robert Zubrin 02-12-2013 Essays/Ideas The author outlines the challenges of a manned Earth-to-Mars mission and argues that we could have men on the red planet within a decade.
Benghazi: The Definitive Report Jack Murphy, Brandon Webb 02-11-2013 Narrative A gripping, minute-by-minute report on the attack in Benghazi on Sept. 12, 2013.
They Really Like Me Anna David 02-11-2013 Memoir An examination of our society's fascination with fame, written from the author's first-hand experiences.
Last Train to Jubilee Bay Kali Wallace 02-06-2013 Fiction After sickness and quarantine almost destroy a city, the traders arrive and become addicted to a serum produced by strange creatures.
Here's the Deal David Leonhardt 02-05-2013 Essays/Ideas New York Times prize-winning DC bureau chief explains the severity of the debt crisis and offers advice on how to solve the mess.
When a Camel Breaks Your Heart Kodi Scheer 02-05-2013 Fiction Against the backdrop of the American invasion of Iraq, a woman's fiancé turns into a camel.
Enemy Mine Katie Reus 02-05-2013 Fiction A female shifter agrees to give a handsome vampire a chance at romance.
Lost to the Gray Amanda Bonilla 02-05-2013 Fiction A Shaede Assassin novella.
Shooting Star Karl Sabbagh 02-04-2013 Biography The brief but amazing life of philospher Frank Ramsey.
Roy Lichtenstein: How Modern Art Was Saved by Donald Duck Alastair Sooke 02-01-2013 Essays/Ideas The deputy art critic of The Daily Telegraph analyzes the work of Roy Lichtenstein.
Save Our Science Ainissa Ramirez 01-31-2013 Essays/Ideas How schools can help inspire a new generation of scientists.
Habits of Leadership Art Markman 01-29-2013 Business Discovering the connection between personality and habits to become a great manager.
Miss Julia's Gift Ann B. Ross 01-29-2013 Fiction A funny and moving meditation on love, marriage and the purpose of gift-giving.
Guns Stephen King 01-25-2013 Essays/Ideas A middle-of-the-road argument about guns from novelist -- and gun owner -- Stephen King.
The Story of Michelle Shawn Vandor 01-24-2013 Fiction In this story of love and dating in New York City, a smitten young man tries to make it work with a woman who has \'great catch\' written all over her.
Trans-Siberian Bart Schaneman 01-24-2013 Memoir The author travels across China, Mongolia and Russia
The President of Vice The Onion 01-17-2013 Fiction of Joe Biden by the editors at The Onion.
Radical Openness Don Tapscott, Anthony Williams 01-17-2013 Business Four unexpected principles for success
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Holistic Rehab Therapies Anne Fletcher 01-15-2013 Essays/Ideas An examination of alternative treatments.
Epic Fall Mark O'Connell 01-15-2013 Essays/Ideas An analysis of why things that are epically bad can sometimes be treasured.
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The Rolling Stones Discover America Michael Lydon 01-08-2013 Narrative From the pages of the now defunct Ramparts magazine, this true story tracks the Rolling Stones 1969 tour across America ending at the ill-fated Altamount concert.
Turning the Pyramid Upside Down Marilyn Jacobson 01-07-2013 Business A new leadership model for customer-facing organizations
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You Were Never Really Here Jonathan Ames 01-04-2013 Fiction From the creator of HBO's "Bored to Death" series.
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Food & Wine: 20 Best Fast Recipes 01-02-2013 Cooking Simple recipes with easy-to-find ingredients
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In Mistrust We Trust Ivan Krastev 01-01-2013 Essays/Ideas The author wonders if democracy can survive if we don't trust our leaders.
An Open Book Sheila Connolly 12-31-2012 Fiction A part-time librarian attempts to solve a small-town mystery.
India Black and the Rajah's Ruby Carol Carr 12-31-2012 Fiction A woman works as both a madam and a spy.
What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend Laura Vanderkam 12-31-2012 Self-help A short guide to making the most of your days off.
7 Steps to Save Your Financial Life Now Daniel Solin 12-31-2012 Self-help How to defend yourself against Wall Street greed and the threat of financial collapse.
Ember James Decker 12-31-2012 Fiction the real trouble started.
A Wild Ghost Chase E.J. Copperman 12-31-2012 Fiction Ghosts inhabit a Victorian house on the Jersey shore.
2011 State of the Union Address and Republican Response Barack Obama, Paul Ryan 12-28-2012 Essays/Ideas The full text of the President\'s State of the Union Address and the Republican response
My Mother's Bible: A Son Discovers Clues to God Walter Kirn 12-27-2012 Essays/Ideas The popular novelist rereads the Old Testament inspired by his late mother's annotations.
Johnny Football: Johnny Manziel Road from Texas Hill Country to the Top of College Football Josh Katzowitz 12-26-2012 Narrative The story of Johnny Manziel, the first freshman ever to win the coveted Heisman trophy.
Injured Reserves DC Bourone 12-26-2012 Fiction A novella about war.
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Ice Shards Yasmine Galenorn 12-24-2012 Fiction A Finnish house sprite must confront the shadow of her former lover who haunts her dreams.
A Story of Love, Obsession and History's Most Insane Around -the-World Adventure James Nestor 12-21-2012 Narrative A man's quest in 1948 to circum-navigate the globe in an amphibious jeep.
The Red Cadillac: The Mysterious World of Old Money Peter Cookson 12-20-2012 Essays/Ideas Inside the hidden world of America's aristocracy.
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Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek John Branch 12-19-2012 Narrative Sixteen expert skiers get caught in a deadly avalanche
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My Long and Eventful Search for His Father Len Deighton 12-18-2012 Memoir An eye-witness account of the legal battles involving the creation of the James Bond character.
Rendezvous Nelson DeMille 12-18-2012 Fiction Soldiers in Vietnam venture into enemy territory with a female sniper in their path. Read Review
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Going Nowhere: A Life in Six Videogames Sam Leith 12-18-2012 Memoir The story of Sam Leith's life through his relationship with videogames.
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The Iran-Contra Affair 12-13-2012 Narrative Stories about the 1986 scandal.
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The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 12-13-2012 Narrative An exploration of the catastrophic environmental disaster.
The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy 12-13-2012 Essays/Ideas Articles about the military's controversial policy regarding gays in service.
Aldrich Ames, CIA Agent Turned KGB Spy 12-13-2012 Narrative 20 years ago that a CIA official was a double agent.
Metropolitan Diary: Highlights from 2006-2012 12-13-2012 Essays/Ideas Snapshots of life in New York City.
Metropolitan Diary: Highlights from 2000-2005 12-13-2012 Essays/Ideas Snapshots of life in New York City.
Artichokes: Articles and Recipes from The New York Times 12-13-2012 Cooking Recipes and articles devoted to the nutritious plant.
Grannies with Guns B. Holley 12-13-2012 Fiction When a woman pays her respects to her grandmother, she becomes caught between two deadly organizations.
Strategies for Philanthropy and Giving Back 12-13-2012 Self-help A collection of articles from The New York about philanthropic strategies.
Little Billy John Anderson 12-11-2012 Fiction A 12-year-old boy befriends a hobo.
Norse Greenland Jared Diamond 12-11-2012 Narrative From "Collapse."
Solar Flares Whitley Strieber 12-11-2012 Essays/Ideas The potentially catastrophic consequences of powerful solar flares.
The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir Ken Harmon 12-11-2012 Fiction An elf is framed for murder at the North Pole.
Shadow Days Andrea Cremer 12-10-2012 Fiction Shay is taken away from the friends he loves and forced to live with his uncle.
No Pressure, Mr. President Eric Metaxas 12-10-2012 Essays/Ideas The author's message, delivered before the Presidents and others at the 60th Annual National Prayer Breakfast
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Murder in Yosemite Joshua Hammer 12-09-2012 Narrative Four people are slain in the beautiful National park.
The New Age Camp Chloe Caldwell 12-09-2012 Memoir A teenager takes a job at a New Age summer camp.
God's Nobodies Mark Obbie 12-06-2012 Narrative The true story of Tim Ginocchetti, a gay teenager, who killed his mother for bullying him about his sexual orientation.
Living Metal Matthew Harrington 12-06-2012 Fiction The first two comics for the novel "Living Metal Rebirth."
Tell Them I Built This Emily Pilloton 12-06-2012 Essays/Ideas The power of design-driven education.
Radiant Cynthia Hand 12-04-2012 Fiction A young woman is eager to travel to Italy to visit her best friend.
Christmas in Absaroka County: Walt Longmire Christmas Stories Craig Johnson 12-04-2012 Fiction Four holiday stories about Sheriff Walt Longmire.
Fated Carly Phillips 12-04-2012 Fiction Another book in the Serendipty series.
Springsteen Song by Song Clinton Heylin 12-04-2012 Essays/Ideas Commentary from the music writer on 300 songs by The Boss.
To Wed a Rake Eloisa James 12-04-2012 Fiction The Earl of Kerr has no plans to marry despite the wishes of Emma.
The Life and Times of the Code Talker Chester Nez, Judith Avila 12-04-2012 Narrative More stories and photos from the last remaining Navajo Code Talker of WWII.
The Weird Girls Cecy Robson 12-04-2012 Fiction Four girls are products of a backfired curse.
Cruisin' Sarah Miynowski 12-04-2012 Fiction Two teenagers girls go on a cruise to meet guys and discover vampires.
Stupid Perfect World Scott Westerfeld 12-04-2012 Fiction In the near future, disease and starvation no longer exist, sleep is not needed, and it's easy to fly to the moon.
Breathless Sophie Jordan 12-04-2012 Fiction Girl meets boy during her summer vacation.
Hometown Girl Robin Kaye 12-03-2012 Fiction A young woman has a secret crush on a guy in Brooklyn.
The Secret Lives of Gay Men Ryan O'Connell 11-30-2012 Memoir A funny and some time cringe-worthy memoir about the supposedly wonderful sex lives of gay men.
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A Good Deuce Jodi Angel 11-26-2012 Fiction A rural teen deals with the death of his mom from a drug overdose.
Agent Zapata Mary Cuddehe 11-25-2012 Narrative more than 25 years. Read Review
The Prince of Beers Alex Berenson 11-25-2012 Narrative The tragic story of August Busch IV, who woke up one day and found his girlfriend dead in his bed. Read Review
Wise Guy: A Christmas Tale Joseph Bottum 11-23-2012 Fiction Comic crime caper.
You Cheated on Me with That? Ima Shrew 11-20-2012 Essays/Ideas Tales of infidelity and revenge.
The Callsign Brad Taylor 11-20-2012 Fiction The exploits of a new U.S. counter-terrorism unit known as the Taskforce.
Everything Fades Away Zane 11-20-2012 Fiction A man and a woman begin an illicit affair.
Awaken the Curse Alexa Egan 11-20-2012 Fiction A new book about the clan of shape-shifters and telepaths living secretly as humans.
Norse Mythology Birgit Amadori 11-19-2012 Fiction 28 shorts tales from the Poetic Edda.
Healing Gifts from Our Planet Charise 11-19-2012 Self-help One woman's journey to health.
Building a Growth Factory Scott Anthony, David Duncan 11-18-2012 Business How companies stay on a path geared for growth. Features video interviews.
Camp Justice Mattathias Schwartz, Jacob Weinstein 11-17-2012 Essays/Ideas A look at the Guantanamo terror trials
Take Out Your Earrings Before You Fight (and Other Things I Learned in Public School) Chelsea Fagan 11-17-2012 Essays/Ideas A witty look at the high school years.
How to Be a 20-Something Ryan O'Connell 11-17-2012 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays written by and for Millennials.
Great Companies: Zappos 11-16-2012 Business Zappos succeeded by breaking nearly every rule in retailing.
John McAfee's Last Stand Joshua Davis 11-15-2012 Narrative A vivid account of tech entrepreneur John McAfee\'s legal troubles in Belize Read Review
Darkness, Light, and the Untold Story of the Chilean Mine Disaster William Lange-wiesche 11-15-2012 Narrative The harrowing true story of miners who survived a ghastly cave-in.
Falling Alexandra Fuller 11-15-2012 Memoir A marriage falls apart.
Going Down South Dan Hoffman 11-14-2012 Fiction It depicts an isolated and apathetic way of navigating life and romance in a way that will resonate with most Millennials.
There's Something About Lady Mary Sophie Barnes 11-13-2012 Fiction Ryan Summersby meets his match in Mary Croyden, who has lived the simple life.
Cathedral Windows Clare O'Donohue 11-13-2012 Fiction Arson strikes a small town in the Hudson Valley around Christmas.
Night's Darkest Embrace Jeanine Frost 11-13-2012 Fiction Sexy Raphael dominates the demons of a lawless dimension.
The Scroll Anne Perry 11-12-2012 Fiction An ancient scroll pulls a bookseller into a chilling mystery.
The Book of Virtue Ken Bruen 11-12-2012 Fiction A man inherits a mysterious book from his abusive father.
Pronghorns of the Third Reich C.J. Box 11-12-2012 Fiction In frigid Wyoming, lies a mystery dating back to Nazi Germany.
An Acceptable Sacrifice Jeffrey Deaver 11-12-2012 Fiction Mexican and U.S. federal agents target a cagey cartel kingpin with a weakness for rare, old books.
The People Who Amputate Their Pefectly Healthy Limbs, and the Doctors Who Help Them Aril Ananthaswarmy, Roger Hodge 11-10-2012 Essays/Ideas A look at the rare compulsion to be free of limbs.
Bitch Roald Dahl 11-09-2012 Fiction A magic perfume has an extraordinary power to arouse.
Home Security Tony Payne 11-09-2012 Essays/Ideas Tips for protecting your home from burglary.
Genie Richard Powers 11-08-2012 Fiction code of stolen biological sample.
Clean Break Osha Gray Davidson 11-08-2012 Essays/Ideas The story of how Germany is making a clean break from coal, oil and nuclear energy.
Brain Power: From Neurons to Network Tiffany Shlain 11-07-2012 Essays/Ideas Can neurological research teach us about how mould the the giant "brain" of the Internet?
The Convert Oliver Broudy 11-07-2012 Essays/Ideas A man overcomes a series of tragedies.
Miss Mistletoe Erin Knightley 11-06-2012 Fiction A Lord's fortune is changed forever with a kiss on Christmas from a daring young woman.
The Ties That Bind Jaci Burton 11-06-2012 Fiction A woman rekindles a relationship with her ex-husband.
Shifter's Lady Alyssa Day 11-06-2012 Fiction An Atlantean beauty and an Alpha panther explore the boundaries of shape-shifting passion.
Radical Lincoln K.M. Kostyal 11-06-2012 Essays/Ideas Inside the mind of the 16th President of the United States.
Nights of Steel Nico Rosso 11-06-2012 Fiction Bounty hunter Anna Blue enncounters a handsome rival who is tracking the same quarry.
A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce Jillian Stone 11-06-2012 Fiction Inspector Archie Bruce runs the newly formed Scotland Yard crime laboratory.
Giving a Presentation for Dummies Marty Brounstein, Malcolm Kushner 11-05-2012 Self-help Advice on great presentations.
Decide to Decide Laift.com 11-04-2012 Self-help A guide to arriving at decisions.
Channeling Chi Laift.com 11-04-2012 Self-help Mastering the art of channeling your Chi to boost your energy, health and happiness.
Dieting Dilemma & Skinny Solutions Laift.com 11-04-2012 Self-help Dieting secrets that are sustainable.
Body Building Secrets Revealed Northern Border eBook Store 11-04-2012 Self-help Featuring chapters on weight training, exercise and nutrition.
Email Marketing Mojo Laift.com 11-02-2012 Self-help Using email marketing boost traffic.
Weight Loss Secrets Jessica Marie 11-01-2012 Self-help Five secrets to losing weight.
The Struggle for Northern Syria James Harkin 11-01-2012 Narrative The battle of Aleppo, Syria, told through the story on one family
Cold Blooded Jere Longman 11-01-2012 Narrative Unflinching look at Lance Armstrong\'s drug use Read Review
Stowaway Tori Marian 11-01-2012 Narrative The true story of an Ethiopian orphan's journey across the world to get to America.
Change Your Thought Patterns Silva Jean 10-31-2012 Self-help Mind control secrets.
Wild for the Girl Starr Ambrose 10-30-2012 Fiction The business and romantic challenges facing an attractive horse trainer.
Darkest Temptation Sharle Kohler 10-30-2012 Fiction A woman is attracted to a half-blood Lycan.
Lincoln's Little Girl Cecelia Holland 10-30-2012 Narrative Life inside the Lincoln White House through the eyes of 16-year-old Julia Taft. Read Review
A Memoir of Grief (Continued) Jennifer Weiner 10-30-2012 Fiction She writes memoir.
The Revolt of Henrik Ibsen Robert Brustein 10-29-2012 Essays/Ideas A distinguished critic explores the impact of Ibsen on modern theater.
Decluttering Book Andrea Luis 10-29-2012 Self-help A guide to organizing your home.
The 14-Minute Marcel Proust Stephen Fall 10-28-2012 Essays/Ideas A guide to Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past," considered one of the greatest novels of all time.
A Letter to the President Erica Jong 10-28-2012 Essays/Ideas A passionate essay aimed at politicians who court the vote of women.
Rewire Your Brain Michelle Steven 10-27-2012 Self-help The benefits of positive thinking.
Meditation for Beginners Abigail Mason 10-27-2012 Self-help Secret meditating techniques.
The Unofficial Guide to iOS 6 Romuald Jay 10-26-2012 Self-help 50 illustrated tips to use iOS 6.
Closing a Sale for Dummies Tom Hopkins 10-26-2012 Business Sales advice.
The King's Game Jennifer Scott 10-26-2012 Fiction A young girl is chosen for a chance to fight for the title of King.
The Immortal: Silent Killer Stephen Grishman 10-26-2012 Fiction A woman is haunted by her dead brother.
Amelia Earhart Flies into History Nancy Nahra 10-25-2012 Narrative The inspiring and tragic story of aviator Amelia Earhart.
Persuasion Mastery Elizabeth Oprah 10-25-2012 Self-help How to communicate effectively with anyone.
Unlock Your Winning Attitude and Have a Life You Desire Christine John 10-25-2012 Self-help The power of a postive attitude.
Dog Behavior Book David Christopher 10-25-2012 Self-help Advice on correcting dog behavioral problems
Living Apart Nikole Hannah-Jones 10-25-2012 Essays/Ideas ProPublica's investigation into house segregation and trhe federal government's failure to uphold the law.
Build Your Way to Success Jack Bregstrand 10-23-2012 Business The fourth installment in a series on improving your company's results.
Domain Name Profits Alan Smith 10-23-2012 Self-help Advice about making money from buying and selling domain names.
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Wrinkle Reverse Alan Smith 10-23-2012 Self-help Looking younger on a budget.
Digital Photography Mastery Alan Smith 10-23-2012 Self-help Secret tips to become a professional photographer
The Safe Man Michael Connelly 10-23-2012 Fiction A safe cracker is called upon to open a rare antique safe.
Deadly Acquiescence Clifford Bishop 10-22-2012 Fiction Will a mother be convicted of murder after her young daughter, who was not wearing a seat belt, dies in her car?
Authentic Chinese Culinary Recipes R. Smith 10-20-2012 Cooking Create your own Chinese meals.
In the Tall Grass Stephen King and Joe Hill 10-19-2012 Fiction A horror story set at an abandoned rest stop.
Getting Your Job Done: Outsource to Anyone Jim Castle 10-18-2012 Self-help 10 tips on finding the right personnel to build your business.
Angel Killer:A True Story of Cannibalism, Crime Fighting, and Insanity in New York City Deborah Blum 10-18-2012 Narrative And then children began to vanish.
War, Friendship, and the Battles that Never End Brian Mockenhaupt 10-18-2012 Narrative A snapshot of life at a Marine encampment in southern Afghanistan.
You Matter to Me Tom Peters 10-17-2012 Business Telling colleagues that their efforts are appreciated is the key to success.
Cornbread Sean Hammer 10-17-2012 Fiction \"Cornbread\" is told in the voice of it protagonist, a woman who shoots her husband in the face. Read Review
On Call Michael Palmer 10-16-2012 Fiction There's a murder at a medical school and Dr. Lou Welcome is a person of interest.
Simply Enjoy Being a Mom Julie Bennett 10-16-2012 Self-help How mothers can work from home.
Extraction Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child 10-16-2012 Fiction An old recluse in New Orleans, must be appeased with the teeth of children, lest he extract retribution.
Campaigns of the British Empire -- the Boxer Rebellion J.B. Gardiner, Frederick Brown 10-15-2012 Narrative Written by a British missionary living in the province at the time of the uprising.
The Business Brains Alan Smith 10-13-2012 Business Creating the perfect business plan.
Child Diet Dilemma Alan Smith 10-13-2012 Self-help Healthy eating advice for children.
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Tied to the Kitchen Sink Kay Jaybee 10-12-2012 Fiction Erotica set in a kitchen.
A Dash of Genius Jeremiah Tower 10-12-2012 Memoir A master chef\'s account about the world\'s first superstar chef, Auguste Escoffier. Read Review
Rough Beasts Charles Seibert 10-11-2012 Narrative A horrifying account of the Zanesville, Ohio, zoo-animal massacre.
Homemade Knit, Sew and Crochet Ros Badger, Elspeth Thompson 10-11-2012 Self-help Instructions for home craft devotees.
Homemade Christmas and Festive Decorations Ros Badger, Elspeth Thompson 10-11-2012 Self-help 25 home craft projects for the holidays.
Obama: The Evolution of a President 10-09-2012 Narrative A collection of articles from The Washington Post that outlines the changes in President Obama's political personality since he took office.
The Hunt for Bin Laden Tom Shroder (editor) 10-09-2012 Narrative Featuring reporting from a team of Washington Post reporters.
Cutting Through the Clutter of the Online World to Find a Place, Partner or President Jim Hornthal 10-09-2012 Essays/Ideas New approaches to finding useful insights in the complex datasphere.
Something Wikkid This Way Comes Nicole Peeler 10-09-2012 Fiction Supernatural private investigators get paid to clean up paranormal problems.
Taking Control of Your Life Mel Griffin 10-07-2012 Self-help A guide to understanding and treating anxiety disorders.
Cook It French! Easy Recipes for Hanukkah Alice Level 10-07-2012 Cooking Kosher recipes for the Jewish holidays, with a French twist.
Beginner's Guide to Learning Italian Laift.com 10-06-2012 Self-help Includes a history of the Italian language.
Drug Addiction Laift.com 10-06-2012 Self-help Advice to stop dependence.
How to Overcome Procrastination Laift.com 10-06-2012 Self-help Enthusiasm is the way to combat the disease of procrastination.
The Law of Attraction and Your Wealth All classic book warehouse 10-06-2012 Self-help The role of the law of attraction in building wealth.
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How to Take Care of Your Dog's Health Laift.com 10-05-2012 Self-help Suggestions on the care and feeding of your pet.
What's Next for Startup Nation? Uri Goldberg 10-03-2012 Essays/Ideas A look at Israel as a center of technological innovation.
Captured by You Beth Kery 10-02-2012 Fiction A woman agrees to be photographed in the nude by a photographer she barely knows.
Wild Hearts in Atlantis Alyssa Day 10-02-2012 Fiction An Atlantean warrior falls in love with a panther shape-shifter as they battle vampires.
Masked Ball at Broxley Manor Rhys Bowen 10-02-2012 Fiction Lady Georgiana attends a Halloween ball and learns that the royal family intends to marry her off to a crazed foreign prince.
Laid Open Lauren Dane 10-02-2012 Fiction A woman heads to Fiji with a few bikinis, a toothbrush and some sunscreen.
The Original Watergate Stories Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward 10-02-2012 Narrative The original articles by Woodward and Bernstein that uncovered the scandal and cover-up in the Nixon White House.
Warriors Last Gift Melissa Mayhue 10-02-2012 Fiction A widow vows to keep her promise to a young warrior she married.
The Mysterious Madam Morpho Delilah Dawson 10-02-2012 Fiction A mysterious woman and a reclusive mechanical genius find love and danger in a traveling circus.
Star Trek Vanguard: In Tempest's Wake Dayton Ward 10-02-2012 Fiction The conclusion of the Vanguard series.
Information Wants to Be Shared Joshua Gans 10-02-2012 Business The author argues about the value of sharing information.
Fulfilling Family Obligations 99 Cent Store 10-02-2012 Self-help Managing your time to get more out of relationships.
A Highlander for Christmas Paula Quinn 10-02-2012 Fiction The stunning Leslie Harrison eludes the charms of Finlay Grant.
Aftermirth Hillary Jordan 10-02-2012 Fiction A 31-year-old comedian goes on a journey of discovery two years after the death of his wife.
Seventeen's Terrifying True Teen Stories 10-02-2012 Narrative Eleven teen girls share their awful true tales ranging from brain surgery to a kidnapping.
Call of the Wild Jack London 10-01-2012 Fiction A huge dog is swept into the brutal life of the Alaska Gold Rush.
Science Magic Martin Gardner 10-01-2012 Self-help The Master of Mathematical Puzzles collects 89 of his finest magic tricks featuring the scientific principles behind electricity, magnetism, sound, gravity, water, and more.
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad 10-01-2012 Fiction A man's journey into the heart of the Belgian Congo in search of the mysterious trader Kurtz.
Flatland Edwin Abbott 10-01-2012 Fiction 1884 satirical novel about the social hierarchy in Victorian society.
Common Sense Thomas Paine 10-01-2012 Essays/Ideas This famous political pamphlet brought the rising revolutionary sentiment into focus by blaming the suffering of the colonies on the British monarch.
Shakedown James Ellroy 10-01-2012 Fiction A sleazy tour of 1950's Hollywood through the eyes of an ex-cop in Purgatory.
Piddy Piddoo Paul Kelly 10-01-2012 Fiction A children's book about a sweet dog.
The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain Mark Twain 10-01-2012 Essays/Ideas A book of quotations
Oscar Wilde's Wit and Wisdom Oscar Wilde 10-01-2012 Essays/Ideas A book of quotations
The Turn of the Screw Henry James 10-01-2012 Fiction An intellectual ghost story about a neurotic governess who believes the two children in her care are haunted by ghosts.
The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli 10-01-2012 Fiction Considered the classic guide to acquiring and maintaining power.
The Time Machine H.G. Wells 10-01-2012 Fiction The sci-fi classic first published in 1928.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson 10-01-2012 Fiction A well-respected doctor is transformed into a murderous madman.
The Metamorphosis and Other Stories Franz Kafka 10-01-2012 Fiction Collection of stories about the futility of life.
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass 10-01-2012 Biography First published in 1845.
and Other Essays Henry Thoreau 10-01-2012 Essays/Ideas The noted philospher's five most famous essays.
Fiat Money Inflation in France Andrew Dickson White 10-01-2012 Essays/Ideas The late U.S. diplomat who died in 1918 explains how it came, what it brought and how it ended.
1001 Most Useful Spanish Words Seymour Resnick 10-01-2012 Self-help Definitions of common Spanish words arranged by categories.
Easy Spanish Phrase Book 10-01-2012 Self-help More than 750 phrases for daily use.
Italian Phrase Book 10-01-2012 Self-help 770 phrases for every day use.
Easy French Phrase Book 10-01-2012 Self-help More than 750 easy phrases for every day use.
The Declaration of Independence and Other Great Documents of American History 10-01-2012 Essays/Ideas Includes 13 influential documents including George Washington's first inaugural address.
The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers 10-01-2012 Self-help Scott Campbell
Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Thomas Quinn 10-01-2012 Cooking Featuring 58 original recipes.
Stakeout at the Vampire Circus Kevin Anderson 10-01-2012 Fiction A zombie P.I. visit the Vampire Circus after problems with the vampire trapeze act.
Crafty Selling Wal Shermann 09-30-2012 Self-help Advice on selling craft items.
Real World Sustainability Andy MacDonald 09-30-2012 Essays/Ideas Steps people can take to improve the physical world around them.
Thinking Like a Mountain Edward Grumbine 09-30-2012 Essays/Ideas An ecological perspective on earth.
Your Pet Parrot Maureen Pace 09-30-2012 Self-help Facts and perspective about owning a pet parrot.
CMS Connection Alan Smith 09-29-2012 Business Using content management systems to boost internet marketing.
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How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan Alan Smith 09-29-2012 Business Insights on how to develop an effective marketing plan to improve your business.
Braving Budgets Alan Smith 09-29-2012 Self-help How budgeting helps improve finances.
Sweet Tables Zoe Clark 09-28-2012 Cooking Sample chapter from "The Cake Parlour."
Rains of Terror Linda Wood Rondeau 09-28-2012 Fiction Three-part volume set in the year 2020 when the Wolrd Bank has collapsed and the world has been reshaped by various alliances.
Old Plantation Days Nancy Bostick De Saussure 09-28-2012 Narrative Originally published in 1909.
Canadian Family Adventures Deb Williamson 09-28-2012 Fiction Stories about ten Irish siblings who immigate to Canada in the late 1880s.
Best Irish Short Stories and Plays 09-28-2012 Fiction Includes works by James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.
The Monkey's Paw W.W. Jacobs 09-28-2012 Fiction The classic horror short story.
Killer SEO Tactics Farida Walele 09-28-2012 Self-help Learn how to build web traffic by optimizing your pages.
Good Eating's Creative Pasta Chicago Tribune Staff 09-28-2012 Cooking Unique recipes for meals and sauces.
The Complete Guide to Acne Pamela Archer 09-28-2012 Self-help Prevention, treatment and remedies.
Fab Hair Tiebacks Sewing Patterns Carol Meldrum 09-28-2012 Self-help Step-by-step instructions for novice crafters.
Chic & Unique Wedding Cakes Zoe Clark 09-28-2012 Self-help An expert cake decorator demonstrates how to create a unique wedding cake.
An Ozark Christmas Angel Veda Boyd Jones 09-28-2012 Fiction A country singer fakes an illness to con her protégé to take over her Christmas show in Branson.
A Pianist Under the Influence Jonathan Biss 09-27-2012 Memoir World famous pianist Jonathan Biss writes a tribute to composer Robert Schumann.
Crooning Frank Gilroy 09-26-2012 Fiction Fictional account of legendary actor Dick Powell's exploits in Havana circa 1958.
Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter? Howard Rheinhold 09-26-2012 Essays/Ideas An exploration into whether the Web can make us smarter.
Welcome Home/Go Away Mike Shepherd 09-25-2012 Fiction When Kris Longknife returns home from a galactic adventure, she finds humanity battling an alien race.
A Tangled Web Mercedes Lackey 09-25-2012 Fiction Prince Leopold braves the realm of the dead to find his missing bride.
Trouble and Joy in a Lost Himalayan Paradise Bob Shacochis 09-25-2012 Narrative The author and his wife set off on a journey deep into the remote Himalayas.
The Main Dish Michael Ruhlman 09-19-2012 Memoir Writer/chef Michael Ruhlman examines his life in the food business.
The Billionaire of Bluebonnet Jessica Clare 09-18-2012 Fiction A wealthy CEO finds himself with a sexy live-in assistant.
The First Light of Evening Mark Pothier 09-18-2012 Fiction A middle-age man copes with the aftermath of his divorce.
43: When Gore Beat Bush -- A Political Fable Jeff Greenfield 09-13-2012 Fiction Alternative history about what might have happened if Al Gore beat George Bush by the TV commentator.
Hello Everybody A.M. Homes 09-10-2012 Fiction An observation of the life of an L.A. family.
Jellyfish Dreams M. Thomas Gammarino 09-10-2012 Fiction A man finds a black hole under his couch.
Why School? How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere Will Richardson 09-10-2012 Essays/Ideas The author challenges traditional thinking about the value of education in its current form.
Backwoods Genius Julia Scully 09-08-2012 Narrative The story of small town portrait photographer Mike Disfarmer who rose to fame after his death.
Only a Shadow Steve Bein 09-04-2012 Fiction impregnable fortress.
Pernelle's Escape Judith Rock 09-04-2012 Fiction A widow with a young child flees across France to Switzerland in this historical novel.
Red Hot Deadly Peppers Paige Shelton 09-04-2012 Fiction is examining the local farmers' market until she has to crack a murder.
Mulholland Drive Michael Connelly 09-04-2012 Fiction Three short stories from a best selling author.
A Season for Sin Vicky Dreiling 09-04-2012 Fiction The Earl of Bellingham is drawn to a ravishing young widow.
The Mind of a Madman Richard Orange 09-04-2012 Narrative to commit mass murder in Norway in 2011.
Legacy of the Witch Maggie Shayne 09-01-2012 Fiction A contemporary young woman believes she was once with three witches who were members of a king's harem.
Retribution Cameron Haley 09-01-2012 Fiction A supernatural hit man has a contract on a woman's life.
Cast in Moonlight Michelle Sagara 09-01-2012 Fiction A tough young woman is bait for a child prostitution ring.
Choke Collar Margaret Atwood 08-29-2012 Fiction The second steamy, futuristic episode from the "Positron" serial.
Primitives: 15 Gothic Street Joe McGinniss 08-29-2012 Narrative The first story looks at statutory rape.
Jon Stewart: Beyond the Moments of Zen Bruce Watson 08-28-2012 Biography Biography of the host of Comedy's Central's "The Daily Show."
Because You Are Mine (Parts I to VII) Beth Kery 08-28-2012 Fiction The passionate relationship between a man and a woman.
The True Story Behind the Birth of Organized Crime Bill Tonelli 08-28-2012 Narrative For one week in 1929, the country's top mobsters met in Atlantic City to plot and scheme.
An Arrangement of Light Nicole Krauss 08-27-2012 Fiction Fiction
A Face in the Crowd Stephen King, Stewart O'Nan 08-21-2012 Fiction An aging widower sees faces from his past as he watches baseball games to relieve the anguish of the death of his wife.
Obama's Last Stand Glenn Thrush 08-20-2012 Narrative The third installment in Politico's instant e-books on the 2012 election.
The Gore Supremacy James Wolcott 08-16-2012 Essays/Ideas Vanity Fair contributing writer James Wolcott pays tribute to the late Gore Vidal.
The New Science of Radical Life Extension, and What Happens If It Succeeds David Ewing Duncan 08-16-2012 Essays/Ideas A survey of the controversial science of radical life extension.
Escape Artist Mark Sullivan 08-14-2012 Fiction World-class thief Robin Monarch travels to the Congo to steal a large diamond.
Woman-Child Deborah Schoeneman 08-14-2012 Essays/Ideas An exploration about adult women who act, dress and consume pop culture like young girls.
Elvis and Ali Thomas Hauser 08-13-2012 Essays/Ideas The similarities and differences between the two cultural icons, and how they both shaped America.
Last Days of the Pharaoh Bradley Hope 08-07-2012 Narrative The inside story of the final days of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
Leapers Dale Maharidge 08-05-2012 Fiction The first installment in a planned Rick Waverly mystery/ adventure series.
Deep Water Daniel Grossman 08-02-2012 Essays/Ideas As polar ice melts, scientists debate how high our oceans will rise.
Tea Party Fairy Tales James Finn Garner 08-02-2012 Essays/Ideas Tea Party ideology told through revised versions of fairy tale classics
Death Benefits Nelson DeMille 08-01-2012 Fiction Can a famous crime writer commit the perfect crime?
D for Deception Tina Rosenberg 08-01-2012 Narrative The story of Dennis Wheatley, Britain's great spy novelist before Ian Fleming.
Lady of the Burlesque Ballet Timothy Schaffert 07-25-2012 Fiction A woman goes from street urchin to overweight burlesque star.
Bachelor Number One Mishka Shubaly 07-24-2012 Memoir Five days after a failed romance, the author becomes part of a reality tv show about dating.
Higgs Discovery Lisa Randall 07-24-2012 Essays/Ideas The discovery of a new kind of particle excites the world of physics.
The Fire Horse Elizabeth Mitchell 07-23-2012 Narrative The true story of a horse that overcame steep odds.
Great Leaders: Andrew Carnegie Willard Sterne Randall 07-23-2012 Biography The inspiring story of the king of steel, who was once the richest man in the world.
Lucretia and the Kroons Victor Lavalle 07-23-2012 Fiction Fantastical tale about two pre-teen girls and the incredible challenges they face.
Cheating the Impossible Philippe Petit 07-18-2012 Essays/Ideas Advice for living from the world-famous hire-wire artist.
Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become Michael Schrage 07-17-2012 Business The author, an MIT innovation expert, argues that if you aren\\\'t asking the question of this book, your marketing and innovation efforts will fail.\\r\\n
Pray: Notes on a Football Season Nick Hornsby 07-16-2012 Narrative A chronicle of important British soccer games during the 2011-2012 season.
Deep Down Lee Child 07-16-2012 Fiction A Jack Reacher novel, set in 1986.
Newton in the New Age Joseph Wurtenbaugh 07-14-2012 Fiction A man who is terrified of thrill rides, marries a woman who designs them.
All My Love Craig Vetter 07-13-2012 Memoir A writer discovers the father he never knew through love letters to his mother.
Vigilante Wars Cecelia Holland 07-09-2012 Narrative An account of the unruly city of San Francisco in the years leading up to the Civil War
R.A. Dickey's Knuckleball and the Redemption of America's Game Joseph Bottum 07-04-2012 Essays/Ideas An appreciation of the art of the knuckleball as practiced by number 43, R.A. Dickey.
Patricide Joyce Carol Oates 07-03-2012 Fiction An old man falls for a woman 50 years his junior, and his daughter fears for her inheritance.
Roger Federer Peter Bodo 06-30-2012 Biography The author of the TennisWorld blog chronicles the middle period of Federer's career.
Portrait of the Monster as a Young Man Alan Bullock 06-29-2012 Biography The formative years of Adolph Hitler.
How to Get Away with Murder in America Evan Wright 06-26-2012 Narrative A Miami drug trafficker is recruited by the CIA.
Magic Dreams Ilona Andrews 06-26-2012 Fiction A tale of werecats.
Spider's Lullaby James Tuck 06-26-2012 Fiction Tales of an occult bounty hunter.
Rose of Fire Carlos Ruiz Zafon 06-26-2012 Fiction Set during the time of the Spanish inquisition, this novel tells the story of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.
Everyone's Reading Bastard Nick Hornsby 06-26-2012 Fiction A couple splits and the wife launches a newspaper column called "Bastard" about you know who.
Art of Rendition Mark Sullivan 06-26-2012 Fiction Robin Monarch is called upon to kidnap a Russian nuclear scientist.
The Other Side of Assertiveness Andrena Sawyer 06-24-2012 Self-help Lessons about becoming an assertive woman.
Shelf-Love Ben Dolnick 06-24-2012 Essays/Ideas The author's love for the writing of Alice Munro.
How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three Paula Todd 06-18-2012 Narrative Journalist Paula Todd tracks down one of Canada's most notorious female serial killers.
Double-Edge Sword Steve Anderson 06-14-2012 Narrative A double-agent fools the Germans about the D-Day invasion.
In Praise of Hangovers Evan Rail 06-13-2012 Essays/Ideas The follow-up to the popular single "Why Beer Matters."
The Truth About Sorority Girls Claudia Welch 06-12-2012 Memoir The author reveals her own life as a sorority sister and what it taught her.
What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast Laura Vanderkam 06-12-2012 Self-help A guide to making the early part of your day more productive.
Thriving in the Emerging Human-Technology Civilization Parag and Ayesha Khanna 06-12-2012 Essays/Ideas Two futurists argue that we are moving to a world in which we co-evolve with technology.
Keep Swinging Rick Marin 06-07-2012 Memoir A sports-challenged dad begins coaching his sons' teams.
Seventeen's Shocking True Teen Stories 06-06-2012 Essays/Ideas Incredible true stories from the pages of the magazine.
Marathon Crasher David Davis 06-05-2012 Narrative An insightful account of how Mary Lepper became the first American woman to complete a marathon.
A Caress of Wings Sylvia Day 06-05-2012 Fiction A powerful angel breaks all the rules by falling for the mortal whose life she's saved.
You and Me and the Devil Makes Three Aaron Gwyn, Luis Alberto Urrea Jess Walter 06-05-2012 Fiction Three short stories
The Ghost Paige Williams 06-02-2012 Narrative How a California golden boy became America's most elusive fugitive.
Heaven and Mel Joe Eszterhaus 06-02-2012 Memoir The famed screenwriter recalls his smackdown with Mel Gibson over their movie "The Maccabees."
My Dining Hell: Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out Jay Rayner 06-01-2012 Memoir A restaurant critics dishes the dirt.
Gone in a Flash Lynette Eason 06-01-2012 Fiction Crime on a cruise ship.
Great Companies: Target 06-01-2012 Business The story of Target with ample lessons for any business executive.
How Cool Is Michelle Obama? 06-01-2012 Biography The story of the nation's 44th First Lady.
A Dox Short Story Barry Eisler 05-31-2012 Fiction A former sniper takes an assignment in Cambodia
A Taste of My Own Medicine Maureen Miller 05-24-2012 Essays/Ideas A humorous look at the state of modern medicine from a doctor-in-training.
Sam Capra's Last Chance Jeff Abbott 05-22-2012 Fiction A secret organization kidnaps the infant son of an ex-CIA agent.
Massacre, Memory, and Justice in Guatemala Ana Arana, Sebastian Rotella 05-22-2012 Narrative The story of Guatemala's Dos Erres massacre and the survivors whose lives were changed.
In Search of the Next Kick John Tytell 05-22-2012 Narrative Jack Kerouac and the making of the beat generation.
The Boy Vanishes Jennifer Haigh 05-21-2012 Fiction A teenager boy fails to come home on Boston's south shore one night in the summer of 1976.
An Oral History of the Allman Brothers Band Alan Paul 05-21-2012 Memoir Band members recall the highs and lows of the Allman Brothers group.
Watching Mysteries with My Mother Ben Marcus 05-21-2012 Fiction An unnamed narrator considers his fault in his mother's inevitable death.
Midnight's Tale George Berger 05-19-2012 Fiction A fable about a young goat and its growing awareness of the world.
A Short Guide to a Great Opera: Madama Butterfly Michael Steen 05-18-2012 Essays/Ideas Concise guide to the famed opera.
My Dear Son: The Memoirs of Stalin's Mother Jughashvili 05-17-2012 Memoir A transcript of the memories of Stalin's mother dictated in 1935.
The Same Coachella Twice Sean Howell 05-16-2012 Narrative A look at the famed music festival in 2012.
Walker Evans, Ellie Mae Burroughs, and the Great Depression Jerry L. Thompson 05-16-2012 Narrative The behind-the-scenes story of one of the Depression's most iconic photographs.
Bonnie Parker Writes a Poem Steven Biel 05-15-2012 Biography How a couple of sociopaths became the outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.
One Woman's Battle Against Paralysis at the Frontiers of Science Jessica Benko 05-14-2012 Narrative A quadriplegic attempts to control her limbs with her thoughts.
Snatched Karin Slaughter 05-14-2012 Fiction young girl who has been kidnapped.
Becoming a Rare Find George Anders 05-08-2012 Self-help How jagged resumes lead to great jobs.
The Book Case Nelson DeMille 05-08-2012 Fiction death of a bookstore owner.
Beauty Laurell Hamilton 05-08-2012 Fiction Tales of the vampire hunter Anita Blake.
Warm Moonlight Joseph Wurtenbaugh 05-07-2012 Fiction A supernatural tale set during the early days of Prohibition
Facebook: A Like Story 05-07-2012 Business A compilation articles from Reuters Breakingviews about Facebook's rise and stock market valuation.
From Hither to Yon Rich Cohen 05-06-2012 Essays/Ideas The author theorizes that we are at the dawn of the era of time travel.
The Navajo Code Talkers Bruce Watson 05-05-2012 Narrative A top secret military code helped win the war in the Pacific during WWII.
George Cukor: The Interview Richard Schickel 05-04-2012 Biography The 1973 interview between one of the greatest film critics of his generation with one of the greatest film directors of his generation.
How to Become Better Than Everyone Else Brian Haigh 05-03-2012 Humor Satire about the advice of self-help guru Jim Hoenfhmfjn ("the last 'h' and 'j' are silent")
Into the Rift Cynthia Garner 05-01-2012 Fiction A fearless warrior from beyond the Rift finds herself in 19th-century London.
How We Started Luanne Rice 05-01-2012 Fiction Two original short stories with characters from The Silver Boat and Little Night.
A California Accountant's Coup d'Etat Adam Piore 04-26-2012 Narrative A middle-age California-based accountant tries to overthrow the Cambodian government.
An Eye for an Eye Simone de Beauvoir 04-26-2012 Essays/Ideas An essay written in the aftermath of World War II on the nature of vengeance and justice.
The Playground Terrence McCoy 04-23-2012 Narrative A Cambodian woman fights to save her country from China's economic might.
Kiss the Girls Goodnight Mark Gado 04-19-2012 Narrative A wealthy man imprisons and rapes girls.
After Friday Night Lights Buzz Bissinger 04-19-2012 Narrative The sequel to the best-selling book that spawned a movie and tv series.
Women in Slavery Francis Anne Kemble 04-18-2012 Narrative A searing account of women in slavery in the antebellum South.
Throttle Stephen King and Joe Hill 04-17-2012 Fiction A group of outlaw bikers is chased down a lonely stretch of Nevada highway. Read Review
Divorce Horse Craig Johnson 04-16-2012 Fiction Sheriff Walt Longmire and his engaged daughter hit the race track.
Rethinking National Security John Prados 04-11-2012 Essays/Ideas The author makes the case that because the U.S. spends so much on national defense, its strength is being sapped.
The Struggle for Justice and a Place to Call Home Paul Kiel, Cora Currier 04-10-2012 Narrative The story of America's housing crisis, told through the challenges of one woman.
Farthest North: America's First Arctic Hero and His Horrible, Wonderful Voyage to the Frozen Top of the World Todd Balf 04-10-2012 Narrative of an ill-fated expedition near the North Pole in 1853.
The Old Soul Joseph Wurtenbaugh 04-05-2012 Fiction After the death of its human host, a micro-organism struggles to find another host.
Animal Attraction Anna David 04-04-2012 Memoir The successful author and dating expert reveals her love of cats.
Don't Trade the Baby for a Horse Wendy McClure 04-03-2012 Self-help An expert on "Little House on the Prairie" offers lessons learned from the book.
If I'm Dead Marcia Clark 04-03-2012 Fiction LA Depty DA Rachel Knight tries to crack a case about a missing woman.
Private Frank D. Gilroy 04-03-2012 Fiction A private in World War II sees the horrors of war.
Don't Eat the Cat Jess Walter 03-28-2012 Fiction Entertaining send-up of zombie lit set in the year 2040.
The Damage Done Victoria Turk 03-25-2012 Narrative A middle-age woman, who grew up in the anything-goes 70s, struggles to overcome her addictions.
Sober Is My New Drunk: 850 Days (and Counting) without Booze or AA Paul Carr 03-19-2012 Memoir The author quits the drinking life by announcing it on his popular website.
Enemies, A Love Story Josh Schollmeyer 03-19-2012 Memoir The oral history of film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.
An Untold Tale of Love, Loss and Surviving the Titanic Elizabeth Kaye 03-16-2012 Narrative How an unlikely group of passengers from the Titanic survived on that fateful night in the North Atlantic.
The Trunk Key Carolyn Nash 03-15-2012 Fiction trunk of a car and begins a journey to save a life.
The Kalinka Affair Joshua Hammer 03-14-2012 Narrative A true crime story about a father's obsessive quest to bring his daughter's killer to justice.
Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space Homer Hickman 03-13-2012 Memoir An engineer recalls his early career at NASA and his love for his cat.
Bearded Lady Mara Altman 03-07-2012 Memoir The topic of female body hair is explored with wit by the hirsute author.
I'm Starved for You Margaret Atwood 03-07-2012 Fiction The first installment of the new serial "Positron" set in a dystopian society
The Nightgown Brad Parks 03-06-2012 Fiction Cub reporter Carter Ross gets a chance to cover a big story early in his career.
Deep Dark Jonathan Maberry 03-06-2012 Fiction A Joe Ledger prequel to "The Dragon Factory."
Crash Dive Ted Bell 03-06-2012 Fiction Counterspy Alex Hawke pilots an F-16 Viper on a covert mission.
Presidential Pardons Dafna Linzer, Jennifer LaFleur 03-06-2012 Essays/Ideas ProPublica's investigation of racial disparities in the presidential pardon system.
The Rent Is Too Damn High Matthew Yglesias 03-06-2012 Essays/Ideas The Slate columnist on the problems associated with high rents.
In Gold We Trust: The Future of Money in an Age of Uncertainty Michael Green, Matthew Bishop 03-05-2012 Essays/Ideas An entertaining and enlightening look at the history and future of money.
Who's in Charge? Alan Beattie 03-01-2012 Business How governments are failing the world economy
Suck It Up: How Capturing Carbon from the Air Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis Marc Gunther 03-01-2012 Essays/Ideas A new technology may allow us to capture, recycle and reuse CO2.
Joe Golem and the Copper Girl Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden 02-28-2012 Fiction A young mother seeks help from a hard-nosed P.I. because of bizarre changes in her daughter's appearance.
Gutenberg the Geek Jeff Jarvis 02-27-2012 Essays/Ideas The author makes the case that Johannes Gutenberg was the original tech entrepreneur.
James Cagney, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 02-23-2012 Biography Cagney's remarkable life story based on a 1980 interview with the author.
Try Me Vegan Weekend Kim Barnouin 02-21-2012 Cooking The co-author of Skinny Bitch offers a plan for those wanting to try the vegan diet.
The Case of the Missing Moon Rocks Joe Kloc 02-19-2012 Narrative Some have fallen into the wrong hands.
Fatal Voyage John Hooper 02-19-2012 Narrative The first comprehensive account of the wrecking of the cruise ship the Costa Concordia.
Ah, Rat Richard Babcock 02-19-2012 Fiction A marauding rat enters the life of man seemingly intent on avenging the man's infidelity.
An Unexpected Twist Andy Borowitz 02-15-2012 Memoir The humorist explains how he almost died from an intestinal ailment.
Brotherhood Mark Sullivan 02-14-2012 Fiction The CIA offers Robin Monarch freedom and a pardon if he steals something in a war zone.
Are You Lonesome Tonight Mishka Shubaly 02-12-2012 Memoir The author\'s romance with a woman goes horribly awry. Read Review
One Way Forward: The Outsider's Guide to Fixing the Republic Lawrence Lessig 02-12-2012 Essays/Ideas optimistic call to action for Americans.
Gary Coooper, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 02-09-2012 Biography The story of the stoic, undertated actor.
Why American Newspapers Gave Away the Future Richard Tofel 02-08-2012 Essays/Ideas An assessment of the decline of American newspapers over the past two decades by a newspaper executive.
Mindful Eating Thich Nhat Han, Lilian Cheung 02-07-2012 Self-help Tips from a Zen master and Harvard nutritionist.
The Art of Mindfulness Thich Nhat Hanh 02-07-2012 Essays/Ideas A selection from the best-selling The Art of Power.
Deep Inside the President's Secret Army Marc Ambinder, D.B. Grady 02-07-2012 Narrative A look inside the most effective weapon against terrorism ever conceived.
Biology Can Remake Our Cities and Reshape Our Lives Rachel Armstrong 02-06-2012 Essays/Ideas British scientist and architect Rachel Armstrong reimagines the world's extensive urban areas.
Once Upon a Wicked Night Jennifer Haymore 02-01-2012 Fiction The Earl and Countess of Stratford attend a ball where they were once discovered in a compromising position.
Dead or Alive Erika Hayasaki 02-01-2012 Essays/Ideas An exploration into the science of near-death experiences
Give It to Steve! Will Bunch 01-30-2012 Narrative A look at the 1948 NFL championship game featuring running back Steve Van Buren.
Searching the Skies Thea Landen 01-26-2012 Fiction Military commander Geneva Greyson is forced to choose between her career and the aristocratic life she once left behind.
The Four Stooges Erin Gloria Ryan 01-26-2012 Narrative A look at the four GOP 2012 Presidential hopefuls during the primaries.
Discover the Power of Self-Organized Learning Sugata Mitra 01-24-2012 Essays/Ideas Research that shows how self-directed learning can make children smarter and more creative.
Death Comes to Happy Valley: Penn State and the Tragic Legacy of Joe Paterno Jonathan Mahler 01-24-2012 Narrative A probing narrative that traces the arc of the career of football coach Joe Paterno.
Mother, Stranger Cris Beam 01-24-2012 Memoir At the age of 14, the author left the chaotic home of her mother, a descendant of William Faulkner.
Bette Davis, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 01-20-2012 Biography How Bette Davis developed her fascinating screen persona.
The Gospel According to Tim Joseph Bottum 01-20-2012 Essays/Ideas A look at the NFL's 2011 celebrity quarterback Tim Tebow.
Laurence Olivier, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 01-19-2012 Biography An examination of the acting skills of Sir Lawrence.
The Hollywood 10 Richard Schickel 01-19-2012 Narrative 10 Hollywood executives who were fired for refusing to testify before the House Committee on Un-American activities in 1947.
My Seinfeld Year Fred Stoller 01-17-2012 Memoir dream gig -- as a staff writer for "Seinfeld."
The Rescuer Dara Hara 01-15-2012 Narrative The life of an American Oskar Schindler who rescued more than 2,000 European intellectuals from Nazis.
Unschooling Astra Taylor 01-12-2012 Essays/Ideas An examination of unusual alternatives to mainstream education in the U.S.
Why Beer Matters Evan Rail 01-12-2012 Essays/Ideas So why does beer suddenly matter?
Ronald Reagan, A Life in Films Richard Schickel 01-10-2012 Biography acting and politics.
Controlling Cancer: A Powerful Plan to Taking on the World's Most Daunting Disease Paul Ewald, Holly Swain Ewald 01-09-2012 Essays/Ideas cancer and can be overcome if treated like a virus.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 2Go Julius Jacobson II 01-01-2012 Biography The life and work of Mozart featuring audio excerpts of his work.
Walt Whitman 2Go 01-01-2012 Biography Enhanced e-book featuring bio of the poet, essay about his work and an audio recording of his work.
Ronald Reagan 2Go 01-01-2012 Biography Enhanced e-book about President Reagan including audio of some of his speeches.
Johann Sebastian Bach 2Go Julius Jacobson II 01-01-2012 Biography The life and work of Bach featuring audio excerpts of his work.
John F. Kennedy 2Go 01-01-2012 Biography Enhanced book at President Kennedy featuring audio recordings of some of his speeches.
Lonely at the Top Christina Lewis Halpern 01-01-2012 Memoir The struggles of the daughter of the late Reginald Lewis, the richest black man in America.
A Death in Ueno Mike Cooper 12-30-2011 Fiction When a homeless man in Japan is murdered, his brother hires an investigator to find the killer.
The Secret World of Saints: Inside the Catholic Church and the Mysterious Process of Anointing the Holy Dead Bill Donahue 12-21-2011 Essays/Ideas An examination of how someone becomes a saint and a look into the vetting process.
Sitting Ducks Steve Anderson 12-21-2011 Narrative A team of German commandos slips behind U.S. front lines during the Battle of the Bulge.
Albert Nobbs George Moore 12-19-2011 Fiction Enhanced version featuring video form the 2011 movie.
Bagdad Country Club Joshua Bearman 12-18-2011 Narrative The story of the most dangerous bar in the world, the Bagdad Country Club, a wild watering hole on the edge of a deadly war zone.
John F. Kennedy's Women Michael O'Brien 12-16-2011 Essays/Ideas A noted historian argues that the President's approach to women was near pathological.
Betterness: Economics for Humans Umair Haque 12-15-2011 Essays/Ideas An urgent call to arms for a post-capitalist economy from a London-based consultant.
Beethoven's Shadow Jonathan Biss 12-14-2011 Essays/Ideas The pianist Jonathan Biss reveals the inner workings of Beethoven's music.
Greta Garbo, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 12-14-2011 Narrative The story of Garbo's film career and her mysterious departure from her acting career.
Frank Capra, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 12-14-2011 Essays/Ideas Film critic Richard Schickel argues that Capra may have been the greatest American film director of all time.
Speak of the Devil Aaron Gell 12-12-2011 Narrative A writer for Women's Wear Daily goes on a crime spree in 2005.
Up and Down the Volcano Sloane Crosley 12-09-2011 Narrative A hilarious account of the author's attempt to climb one of the world's highest volcanoes.
John Ford, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 12-07-2011 Essays/Ideas An argument suggesting that Ford was possibly the only world-class director whose work was easy to digest by mass audiences.
Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act Ron Gutman 12-06-2011 Essays/Ideas An exploration of the act of smiling.
The Danger Artist Wyatt Mason 12-05-2011 Narrative And Wyatt Mason decided to interview him.
Rules for Virgins Amy Tan 12-05-2011 Fiction piece of fiction published in years, she writes about the world of 1912 Shanghai and the courtesans who inhabit it.
Alfred Hitchcock, A Life in Film Richard Schickel 12-03-2011 Biography The story of Alred Hitchcock based on numerous conversations between the author and the director.
Humphrey Bogart: A Life in Film Richard Schickel 12-03-2011 Biography A legendary film critic examines Bogart's screen character and personal history.
How to Be a Rogue Trader John Gapper 12-01-2011 Business Understanding the motives and patterns of rogue traders.
Launching the Innovation Renaissance Alex Tabarrok 11-29-2011 Business A new path to bring smart ideas to the market quickly.
Bill Parcell's Winning Ways 11-29-2011 Business Leadership lessons learned from observing the winning football executive.
The Miranda Obsession Bryan Burrough 11-22-2011 Narrative A beautiful woman named Miranda, who intrigues many powerful men, suddenly vanishes.
The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones Jon Ronson 11-22-2011 Narrative people dressed as superheroes who do good deeds
The Shores of Tripoli Marc Herman 11-21-2011 Narrative The story of three Libyan rebels during the revolution that convulsed their country.
How to Win at the Sport of Business Mark Cuban 11-20-2011 Business The owner of the Dallas Mavericks shares his unusual success story.
Abstraction and Utopia Hilton Kramer 11-17-2011 Essays/Ideas The noted critic explains the origins of abstract art.
The Art of Winning Ben Cohen 11-15-2011 Narrative A portrait of Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.
Homicidal Paul Alexander 11-14-2011 Narrative A suspected serial killer lives among his South LA neighbors for 25 years.
A Killing in Iowa Rachel Corbett 11-14-2011 Memoir A journalist looks for clues about why a man she regarded as her father killed his girlfriend and himself in 1993.
My Wife's Story Richard Babcock 11-12-2011 Fiction A wife tells the same story repeatedly much to her husband's mounting anger.
Harvard Is Burning Lee Siegel 11-08-2011 Essays/Ideas The legendary controversialist addresses the liberal elites.
Killer in the Pool Tim Zimmermann 11-04-2011 Narrative his trainer into the pool and kill her?
Island of Secrets Matthew Power 11-02-2011 Narrative An adventure story about the quest to discover a small kangaroo in one of the world's most dangerous places.
Lake Frank Gilroy 11-01-2011 Fiction The story of a lakeside summer community beginning in the 1920s featuring a large cast of characters.
Recalculating Jennifer Weiner 10-31-2011 Fiction A ghost story about a middle-age woman who is haunted by her controlling husband after his death.
Goodbye Surfing, Hello God Jules Siegel 10-30-2011 Narrative From the pages of Cheetah magazine.
Fall of the Birds Bradford Morrow 10-30-2011 Fiction Scores of birds are dying and experts are mystified until an avid birder decides to investigate.
The Long Run Mishka Shubaly 10-26-2011 Memoir An out-of-shape, alcoholic writer takes up running.
The Hunt for Lord Cyric Misha Glenny 10-25-2011 Narrative An examination of the murky world of the most notorious carder fraud site.
The Perils of Morning Coffee Alexander McCall Smith 10-25-2011 Fiction a fellow philosopher.
Joan: Forty Years of Life, Loss, and Friendship with Joan Didion Sara Davidson 10-21-2011 Memoir A chronicle of the author's decades-long relationship with writer Joan Didion.
A Petulant French Sculptor, His Quest for Immortality and the Real Story of the Statue of Liberty Elizabeth Mitchell 10-21-2011 Narrative A surprising biography of Lady Liberty.
Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know about Running to Slim Down Runner's World editors 10-20-2011 Self-help Tips on running and weight loss.
The Battle of the Brooklyn Bridge Will Bunch 10-20-2011 Narrative Protestors from the Occupy Wall Street movement encounter police resistance as they attempt to march across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Signature Wound Bob Drury 10-11-2011 Narrative A searing account of U.S. soldiers who have suffered the most personal of wounds in war.
The Codex Oliver Broudy 10-05-2011 Memoir The author travels to Prague and examines his life and his relationship to the world.
The Beaten Track Sarah Menkedick 09-29-2011 Memoir looks at the meaning of travel on a trip across Borneo.
Beyond the Sun Chris Isaak 09-28-2011 Memoir Sun.
The Fair Ophelia Ted Conover 09-23-2011 Narrative A profile of the daughter of author Roald Dahl, and the manager of the non-profit Partners in Health.
Power Wars: Unmasking National Security Legal Policy Deliberations Under Bush & Obama Charlie Savage 09-22-2011 Essays/Ideas Adapted from a keynote address to the Harvard Law School-Brookings conference "Law, Security & Liberty After 9/11."
The Great Greta Waitz Runner's World editors 09-21-2011 Biography A moving tribute to the legend who changed the landscape ofr running forever.
How We Won Aaron Belkin 09-20-2011 Essays/Ideas Lessons from the repeal of don't ask, don't tell.
Cooking Solves Everything: How Time in the Kitchen Can Save Your Health, Your Budget, and Even the Planet Mark Bittman 09-20-2011 Essays/Ideas A manifesto that pushes everyone to examine how we feed ourselves.
Guns Gone Wild Dan Baum 09-14-2011 Essays/Ideas A perceptive, uncompromising look at American gun culture and commerce.
Lying Sam Harris 09-13-2011 Essays/Ideas The author makes a strong case that lying is the social equivalent of toxic waste.
The Moment We Found Nirvana Nathaniel Penn 09-12-2011 Narrative The oral history of the band that made Kurt Cobain one of the voices of his generation.
Rough Winds: Extreme Weather and Climate Change James Lawrence Powell 09-12-2011 Essays/Ideas This book spotlights recent examples of extreme weather to help readers decide.
Memory Book Kelli Stanley 09-06-2011 Fiction Mirana Corbie returns in this prequel to Stanley's historical series set in 1939 San Francisco.
Mind Over Manners Laura Claridge 09-06-2011 Memoir The author battles a rare form of brain cancer while writing a biography of Emily Post.
Uprising: Understanding Attica, Revolution, and the Incarceration State Clarence B. Jones, Stuart Connelly 09-02-2011 Essays/Ideas An examination of the ills of America's prison system as seen through the prism of the Attica uprising.
The Wikinomics Ways Don Tapscott, Anthony Williams 09-01-2011 Business Organizations that harness the principles of wikinomics can spur economic innovation.
Here We Are Jim Carrier 09-01-2011 Essays/Ideas The history, meaning and magic of GPS.
The Stolen Art of War Colin Woodard 09-01-2011 Essays/Ideas The challenges of returning the plunder of war to its rightful owners.
Mile 81 Stephen King 09-01-2011 Fiction A child at an abandoned rest stop along the Maine turnpike battles a paranormal force.
Desert Heat Cindy Gerard 08-31-2011 Fiction An Assistant DA falls for police detective on a desert hike.
The Gated City Rya Avent 08-31-2011 Essays/Ideas American cities have become playgrounds for the rich while middle class families flee to the Sunbelt where housing is cheaper.
The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir About Writing and Life Ann Patchett 08-25-2011 Memoir The best-selling author's memoir about her life as a writer
Thorn in My Side Karin Slaughter 08-25-2011 Fiction A tale of wayward brothers set in an Atlanta bar.
Blindsight Chris Colin 08-24-2011 Narrative Simon Lewis was an up-and-coming Hollywood producer until a car accident derailed his career.
Rick Perry and His Eggheads Sasha Issenberg 08-23-2011 Essays/Ideas An inside look into what's been called the brainest political operation in America.
Is Wine the Best Medicine? Sanjiv Chopra, Alan Lotvin 08-23-2011 Essays/Ideas Facts and myths about food and drink.
Travels in Alaska John Muir 08-22-2011 Memoir An account by the great American naturalist of his 1879 visit to Alaska.
The Bathtub Spy Tom Rachman 08-18-2011 Fiction wiretaps.
The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin Elizabeth Mitchell 08-17-2011 Narrative A police matron is called upon to crack the case of a daring bank heist in 1912's Manhattan.
Second Son Lee Child 08-15-2011 Fiction fictional character Jack Reacher as a teenager on a military base in Okinawa.
Assange Agonistes Heather Brooke 08-10-2011 Narrative An inside account of how Julian Assange helped to publish articles based on leaks of classified government documents.
Grammar Girl's Punctuation 911 Mignon Fogarty 08-09-2011 Self-help Fun and easy tips for better punctuation.
Here Be Monsters: 50 Days Adrift at Sea Michael Finkel 08-09-2011 Narrative Three teenagers from a tiny Pacific island wind up adrift at sea in a dinghy for almost two months.
American Juggalo Kent Russell 08-03-2011 Narrative Every summer, thousands of people meet in Illinois for the Gathering of the Juggalos, an outrageous music festival catering to an extreme subculture.
In the Eye of the Beholder Jeffrey Archer 08-02-2011 Fiction A star athlete has a run-in with a 300-pound woman.
The Junket Mike Albo 08-02-2011 Fiction A fictional memoir about the challenged life of a freelance writer in New York City.
Countdown: A Newsflesh Novella Mira Grant 08-01-2011 Fiction The origins of the pandemic that started the zombie apocalypse.
The Trail to an Iranian Jail Joshua Hammer 08-01-2011 Narrative The true story of three American hikers arrested by Iranian guards after they strayed from a trail.
Comic-Con Strikes Again Douglas Wolk 07-31-2011 Narrative What happens when the marketers of movies, TV shows, comics and games meet their most demanding consumers at their annual conference.
An Arm and a Leg Emma Span 07-28-2011 Narrative A look at star baseball shortstop Jose Reyes.
Luring Lucy Lori Foster 07-26-2011 Fiction After her husband dies, a woman starts a romance with an old friend.
A Predator Priest David Margolick 07-20-2011 Narrative The story of a predator priest and one of his many victims who committed suicide.
Happily Never After Jeaniene Frost 07-19-2011 Fiction A dashing vampire attempts to break up the wedding of a beautiful woman to the wrong man.
Money Girl's Post-Graduation Survival Guide Laura Adams 07-19-2011 Self-help Money management tips after college.
The Future According to Me Rob Kutner 07-18-2011 Humor Humorous predictions of the future from a veteran TV gag writer.
Crazy Girls Max Lance 07-13-2011 Memoir A comedian remembers his worst nights from the New York dating scene.
The Matchmaker Linda Francis Lee 07-12-2011 Fiction A dog named Einstein plays Cupid.
Brink of Eternity Caris Roane 07-12-2011 Fiction Enter the world of winged vampire warriors and the women they love.
The King's Dragon Carolyn Jewel 07-12-2011 Fiction A damaged man becomes a hero in this story featuring magic, romance and adventure.
Linnette, The Lioness Lavinia Kent 07-12-2011 Fiction Historical romance.
For I Have Sinned Darynda Jones 07-12-2011 Fiction Charley Davidson helps a woman learn how she died and give her the closure to pass to the other side.
The Baby Chase: An Adventure in Fertility Holly Finn 07-08-2011 Memoir A chronicle of a woman's attempt to conceive a child through in vitro fertilization.
Beekeeping for Beginners Laurie King 07-06-2011 Fiction Sherlock Holmes discovers his first and best apprentice, Mary Russell.
Accused Paul Alexander 07-06-2011 Fiction An off-duty policeman is accused of murder after a fight with a man outside a Houston bar.
The Defender Jordan Conn 07-06-2011 Narrative A profile of 7 foot 7 inch former NBA center Manute Bol.
The Eight-Foot Woman Matthew Ducker 07-05-2011 Fiction A woman attends her high school reunion in the depressed Appalachian town where she was raised.
Buy the Seat of Their Pants Steven Rinella 07-01-2011 Narrative A profile of Brit Eaton, the best of a curious breed of fortune hunters, who combs old mine shafts and barns across the West for vintage denim.
Daring Dee Davis 07-01-2011 Fiction In a strife-torn African country, a security officer tries to protect a beautiful doctor from insurgents.
Take Five Augusten Burroughs 07-01-2011 Memoir A collection of true stories from the author of "Running with Scissors."
The Book Bind Saskia de Rothschild 06-29-2011 Essays/Ideas A small collective in Brooklyn remain committed to printing books by hand.
Media Makeover: Improving the News One Click at a Time Alisa Miller 06-23-2011 Essays/Ideas A birds-eye view of how news is created, what is lacking from our daily diet of news, why certain types of content are being created and other issues.
Undead Frank Delaney 06-23-2011 Narrative Biography of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.
The Heart of Haiku Jane Hirshfield 06-21-2011 Essays/Ideas An essay about how haiku work and what they hold.
I Hope Like Heck: The Selected Poems of Sarah Palin Michael Solomon 06-18-2011 Essays/Ideas Excerpts from emails that Sarah Palin wrote while Governor of Alaska
An Evening for Vayl and Jaz Jennifer Rardin 06-15-2011 Fiction A Jaz Parks adventure from the late author who died in 2010.
Blood on the Tracks Cecelia Holland 06-15-2011 Narrative The great U.S. railroad strike of 1877.
Now a Bride Mary Balough 06-13-2011 Fiction Passion and drama from the Dudley siblings.
President Hanks Jim Cullen 06-10-2011 Essays/Ideas The author theorizes that the choices Tom Hanks makes as an actor provide a compelling vision of U.S. history.
Revival 2.0 Richard Wolffe 06-10-2011 Essays/Ideas How the Obama White House is making its political comeback.
First Thrills: Volume 1 06-07-2011 Fiction A collection of shorts stories presented by Lee Child and the International Thriller Writers, Inc.
The Sum of My Parts James Sanford 06-06-2011 Narrative At the age of 39, the author is diagnosed with testicular cancer.
My Mother's Lover David Dobbs 06-05-2011 Narrative On her deathbed, the author's mother reveals her secret love affair from World War II.
Shrimp Inc. Jim Carrier 06-01-2011 Essays/Ideas The story of shrimp, the world's most popular seafood.
The Face of Seung-Hui Cho Wesley Yang 06-01-2011 Narrative A profile of the Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho.
This American Burger Molly O'Neill 06-01-2011 Cooking The well known food writer spent 10 years and traveled 500,000 miles to compile the best burger recipes.
The Skeleton Key James Rollins 05-31-2011 Fiction A thriller set beneath the city of Paris.
Weaving the Roots William Hennessy 05-31-2011 Essays/Ideas How a tiny grassroots organization can make an impact through social media.
How the GOP Establishment Is Co-Opting the Freshman Tea Party Class Constance Dogood 05-31-2011 Essays/Ideas A description of methods that were used by the GOP to co-opt the Freshmen members of Congress.
Showstopper Abigail Pogrebin 05-31-2011 Narrative An explanation of why Stephen Sondheim's musical "Merrily We Roll Along" flopped by a journalist who was in the cast.
Chic in France Beate Boeker 05-30-2011 Fiction An American woman flies to France to discover the secret about the elegance of French women.\r\n
Animalish Susan Orlean 05-18-2011 Essays/Ideas world.
Finance 101: The TextVook 05-18-2011 Business A crash course about the world of finance.
Oxford Girl Plum Sykes 05-18-2011 Memoir at England's famed Oxford University for a starry-eyed young woman.
Before the Witches Karina Cooper 05-17-2011 Fiction A detective falls for a woman who has escaped the clutches of a ruthless man.
Bittman's Kitchen: What I Grill and Why Mark Bittman 05-16-2011 Cooking The cook's favorite grilling recipes
The Enemy Chris Hitchens 05-15-2011 Essays/Ideas An essay on the meaning of the death of Osama bin Laden.
The Wall Street Money Machine Jesse Eisinger, Jake Bernstein 05-10-2011 Essays/Ideas A Pulitzer Prize-winning story.
Beyond Bin Laden 05-09-2011 Essays/Ideas A collection of essays edited by Jon Meacham that looks ahead to the world after Bin Laden.
Weekday Vegetarian: Finally, a Palatable Solution Alex Estes, Graham Hill 05-05-2011 Cooking/Eating Eat no meat Monday through Friday, is the message of this book for half-way vegetarians.
Board Room Babies Stanley Bing 05-04-2011 Humor Satire about the ten behaviors CEOs have in common with infants.
A Week in the Summer Maeve Binchy 05-03-2011 Fiction A middle-age couple travels to Ireland and rekindle their love for each other.
The Instigators David Wolman 05-02-2011 Narrative How a web page turned into a political movement in Egypt spearheaded by a brave group of activists.
No Time Left David Baldacci 05-02-2011 Fiction An expert assassin accepts a mysterious assignment.
Into the Forbidden Zone; A Trip Through Hell and High Water in Post-Earthquake Japan William Vollmann 05-01-2011 Narrative A few weeks after multiple disasters in Japan, the author enters the nuclear hot zone to report on daily life in the country he loves.
Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way Jon Krakauer 04-29-2011 Narrative An investigation into the humanitarian activities of Greg Mortenson, an advocate for improved education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
A Fool Again Eloise James 04-26-2011 Fiction At the funeral of her elderly husband, the widow spots a former flame.
Sunlight and Joy Barbara Delinsky 04-26-2011 Fiction After a man turns down a promotion in another city, he and his wife relearn how to appreciate the simple things in life.
Jesus Is My Gardener Wade Graham 04-25-2011 Essays/Ideas Landscape architect Wade Graham weighs in the economics of gardeners'' work, the use of gasoline, and some sociological issues as well.
The Misfit Steve Poser 04-22-2011 Narrative The relationship between Marilyn Monroe and her psychoanalyst, who saw her seven days a week, is explored in this essay.
Community Organizing for Conservatives Lorie Media 04-19-2011 Essays/Ideas A manifesto for localism in the Tea Party movement.
Scouting Jasmine Jennifer Rardin 04-18-2011 Fiction Jaz Parks tracks a politically connected vampire while she is unknowingly being hunted.
Trapped Richard Greener 04-13-2011 Memoir After thriller writer Richard Greener underwent a heart transplant, he slipped into a coma while his mind remained fully active.
Shipwrecked Mishka Shubaly 04-12-2011 Memoir A writer is marooned on the deserted end of a Caribbean island and becomes responsible for the rescue of four shipmates.
Why They Fought: The Real Reason for the Civil War David Von Drehle 04-08-2011 Essays/Ideas Did the Civil War begin with the shelling of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861 or did other causes trigger the conflict?
Royal Wedding: An Original Anthology Loretta Chase, Gaelen Foley, Stephanie Laurens 04-05-2011 Essays/Ideas Three authors look at royal weddings.
Thinner Thighs in Thirty Years Consuelo Saah Baehr 04-02-2011 Memoir The author joins an obesity clinic to look for her inner self after her divorce.
Grand Theft Cattle Steven Rinella 04-01-2011 Narrative A look at the range wars of the twenty-first century where lawmen drive SUVs.
They Steal Your Sweat: Some Prizefights I Have Seen David Rabe 03-22-2011 Narrative The playwright recalls the great boxers of the 60s and 70s.
2084: An Oral History of the Great Warming James Powell 03-21-2011 Fiction This speculative novella takes us decades into the future and gives us a terrifying look about the devastating impact of global warming.
Argentinidad Benjamin Kunkel 03-21-2011 Essays/Ideas A reflection of the last 200 years of Argentine history.
The Stir of Waters: Radiation, Risk and the Radon Spa of Jachymov Paul Voosen 03-20-2011 Narrative The radioactive waters of a spa in Bohemia helps arthritic visitors.
Shook Psycho Platoon T. Christian Miller 03-18-2011 Narrative Traumatic brain injury plagues military veterans.
Air Guitar Griffin Dunne 03-16-2011 Memoir Four irreverent vignettes from the actor.
Saint Oliver Broudy 03-15-2011 Memoir The author embarks on a journey half-way around the world to Northern India.
Lost in Kandahar Alex Berenson 03-14-2011 Narrative The best-selling novelist embeds with U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan.
Murdered Paul Alexander 03-14-2011 Narrative A murder case in Los Angeles is reopened after more than 20 years.
Scalper Clancy Martin, Hank Chilton 03-09-2011 Narrative A revealing portrait of a professional scalper and his business practices.
Before the Swarm Nicholas Griffin 03-06-2011 Narrative Profile of globe-trotting insect enthusiast Mark Moffett.
Sparkle Mara Altman 03-03-2011 Essays/Ideas A writer seeks to learn how and when the tradition of diamond engagement rings began.
Me, Myself and Ribeye Steven Rinella 03-01-2011 Narrative The Travel Channel's Steven Rinella goes to the meat capital of the world -- Argentina.
Heart of Dark Chocolate Rowan Jacobsen 03-01-2011 Narrative Bolivian rain forest.
War Wounds Jacques Leslie 02-28-2011 Narrative Former war correspondent Jacques Leslie returns to Indochine for a reunion of journalists who covered the war.
Cautionary Tales Stephen Tobolowsky 02-25-2011 Essays/Ideas Three personal narratives from the quirky character actor.
The Stuff of Legends: A Daughter's Take on the Woman Who Transformed Advertising in the 1960s Alix Nelson-Frick 02-23-2011 Narrative How the author unwound the estate and material effects of her deceased mother, the advertising pioneer Shirley Polykoff.
Hydrofracked? One Man's Mystery Leads to a Backlash Against Natural Gas Abraham Lustgarten 02-22-2011 Narrative A retired veteran discovers his water supply is contaminated and sets out to prove that the fault lies with the gas drilling company.
My Father's Dream Erik German 02-08-2011 Narrative An investigation into the practices of the network marketing company Amway.
Oceanstory Leslie Marmon Silko 02-07-2011 Fiction A quiet woman is hitched to a man who is the polar opposite.
Winston Churchill's Leadership Lessons 02-01-2011 Self-help Sir Winston's skills guiding Great Britain through WWII provide valuable leadership lessons.
What Is Best in America Barack Obama 01-28-2011 Essays/Ideas The full text of President Obama's speech for the victims of the January 2011 shooting in Tucson, AZ.
The Happiness Manifesto Nic Marks 01-26-2011 Essays/Ideas A debunking of the theory that happiness and well-being stem from economic prosperity.
Homo Evolutis Steve Gullans, Juan Enriquez 01-26-2011 Essays/Ideas Sooner or later humans will evolve into a new species.
Darkstar Christopher Howard 01-25-2011 Fiction A love story set in a time when a distant star will destroy the earth in two years.
The Invisible Enemy Jonathan Littell 01-23-2011 Narrative An investigation into the practices of the Lord's Resistance Army in Central Africa.
They Are Us: A Plea for Common Sense About Immigration Pete Hamill 01-21-2011 Essays/Ideas A plea from the popular journalist for America to embrace its illegal-alien population, not condemn it.
Beware Dangerism! Gever Tulley 01-19-2011 Essays/Ideas Parents are excessively cautious about their children's activities, according to the author.
Lifted Evan Ratliff 01-19-2011 Narrative The true story of the 2009 bold Swedish bank heist.
Days of Thunder Thorsten Schier 01-19-2011 Narrative A season following the semi-professional basketball team the New York Thunder.
The Dead Women of Juarez Robert Andrew Powell 01-18-2011 Narrative An examination into the murders of hundreds of women along the border of El Paso, Texas.
Pakistan and the Mumbai Attacks: The Untold Story Sebastian Rotella 01-18-2011 Narrative The events that led to the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai.
Chinese Dreams Anand Giridharadas 01-17-2011 Essays/Ideas A report about what the next generation of Chinese want besides economic growth.
The Real Lebowski: The Third Act of Movie Director John Milius Rich Cohen 01-17-2011 Narrative An insightful portrait of rebel Hollywood icon John Milius.
Reboot-enanny Rebecca Huval 01-13-2011 Essays/Ideas The evolution and revival of American folk music.
Leaving Home: Short Pieces Jodi Picoult 01-12-2011 Fiction Three short stories about leaving home.
Long Island Shaolin Darin Strauss 01-12-2011 Memoir The writer explains his interest and relationship with martial arts.
Octomom and the Politics of Babies Mark Grief 01-12-2011 Essays/Ideas An argument that Nadya Suleman, the mother of 14 kids, was the unfair poster child of recklessness.
Piano Demon Brendan Koerner 01-12-2011 Narrative The gin-soaked life of Teddy Weatherford, the Chicago jazzman who conquered Asia.
Rescuing Evil: What We Lose Ron Rosenbaum 01-12-2011 Essays/Ideas An academic exploration on evil.
How Not to Succeed in Show Business By Really Trying Claudia Lonow 01-10-2011 Memoir A collection of candid, short essays about the author's insecure youth.
The $500 Diet: Weight Loss for People Who Are Committed to Change Ian Ayres 01-09-2011 Essays/Ideas Weight loss advice about creating consequences should you surrender to unhealthy behaviors.
Journey to the Edge of Light: A Story of Love, Leukemia and Transformation Cristina Nehring 01-08-2011 Memoir The strong bond between a mother and her daughter born with Down Syndrome and later diagnosed with leukemia.
The Business of Media: A Survival Guide Larry Dignan 01-05-2011 Essays/Ideas How digital content businesses generate revenue.
Storming the Castle Eloisa James 12-21-2010 Fiction A woman wants to run away from the man who wants to be her husband.
The Half Life Jennifer Weiner 12-21-2010 Fiction Plans go astray for a restless woman.
How to Read Body Language Nick Morgan 12-07-2010 Self-help Body language is the most revealing form of communication, according to the author.
What I Learned at the Naval Academy Michael Abrashoff 10-13-2010 Self-help Captain Abrashoff learned to focus on things he could control.
7 Bad Habits of Unsuccessful People Sydney Finkelstein 10-13-2010 Business A Dartmouth professor explains how to avoid bad habits in business.
Hatching the Big Green Egg Ed Fisher 10-13-2010 Business How Ed Fisher made a green-egg-shaped grill the fastest-growing category in the BBQ industry.
Managing Up Michael Abrashoff 10-13-2010 Business your boss.
The Ice Princess Elizabeth Hoyt 08-15-2010 Fiction A puritanical naval captain has a week to spend with a sensuous madam.
The Battle of Dorking George Chesney 07-30-2010 Fiction Novel published in 1871 imagines the consequences of a German invasion of England on the Esssex coast.
The Master of Rampling Gate Anne Rice 07-27-2010 Fiction A tale of vampiric seduction enhanced by videos about the black plague, vampires and Anne Rice.
After the Coup John Scalzi 07-20-2010 Fiction Sci-fi story about the challenges of being a Colonial Union officer practicing interspecies diplomacy.
The Playground Ray Bradbury 07-01-2010 Fiction A widower will do anything to protect his son from the horrors of a playground, which they pass every day.
Truman Fires MacArthur David McCullough 06-25-2010 Narrative Excerpt from the towering biography of Harry S. Truman
Overtime Charles Stross 06-08-2010 Fiction A worker for a government agency charged with preventing dark entities from destroying the human race tries to save the world during the Christmas holiday.
Thinking Differently Tyler Cowen, Temple Grandin 07-07-2009 Essays/Ideas What it means to analyze information and produce solutions outside the mainstream.
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