She Wrote a Bold E-Book Single About Her Vagina

The Thin Reads interview with Kat George, author of "Pink Bits"


“Pink Bits” may help author Kat George see a lot of green.  The 27-year-old Brooklyn author has written a thought-provoking e-book single filled with 11 essays about her vagina.  It’s the type of e-book single that can develop a lot of positive word-of-mouth in social media and generate the type of buzz that translates into sales.

It would be easy to dismiss “Pink Bits” as an orgy of over-sharing (and yes…there’s a lot of personal detail written about in the book such as sex in the closet in a youth hostel).  But George hammers away throughout the book with a positive theme of self-empowerment for women and provides useful insights that will also enlighten men. Throughout the 31 pages, she offers a take-no-prisoners look at herself and her most private thoughts (and parts).  Thin Reads caught up with George a week after the publication of “Pink Bits” and conducted this email interview.

Thin Reads:  Why did you decide to write such a emotionally candid and sexually explicit memoir?  Was this just a way to grab attention in a crowded literary market? (And Thin Reads pleads guilty here -- it grabbed our attention.)

My aim is certainly not gratuitous attention-getting. I aim to produce well-written work that I believe in, and that others can relate to, and hopefully feel inspired or empowered by. “Pink Bits” is a natural extension of my work for Thought Catalog, and I wrote it as a way of opening up a dialogue about what it means to be a young woman, and how we (regardless of gender) deal with, learn from, and grow with our sexuality.

Thin Reads:  There are numerous details about your sexual history in "Pink Bits."  Did you allow your parents and family members to read before the book was published?  Was there anything you left out because it was too hot or too shameful or is it all on the table?

My family can choose to read or not to read the book as they please; I'm nobody's master or commander! I don't believe there is anything shameful about a woman's sexuality, so no, there is nothing I felt needed to be left out for "shame.” That would be in direct conflict with everything I believe in and aim to achieve through my writing. That said, it's 11 essays from 28 years, so obviously it's not a definitive compilation of an entire life's worth of experiences.

Thin Reads:  The book's cover is brilliant.  Who gets the credit?

My wonderful, amazing, talented, dear friend Jai Lennard, who I am very lucky and grateful to have in my corner. (See his work here.)

Thin Reads:  "Pink Bits" will get enormous attention because it comes across as very racy.  But deep down, it's a book with incredibly positive and empowering messages for young women.  Are you really something of a budding self-help guru instead instead of a hipster writer scribbling for cutting-edge outlets?

I don't think I'm either a "self-help guru" or a "hipster writer.”  I can only speak from my own experience, and hope that some of what I've been through will help inform the experiences other young women, or at least make them feel a little less alone.

Thin Reads:  You mentioned that you studied to be a lawyer in "Pink Bits." We can't imagine that you're a lawyer in the tax division of Cravath, Swaine & Moore by day and penning memoirs about your vagina at night.  (If so, we'd give serious money to ease drop on the partners meeting when that agenda item gets discussed.)  So what happened to the legal yearnings?

One day I was in court advising counsel in a legal dispute between two property developers who were arguing over what was a essentially a drop in the pond of their net worth. I had this "ah ha!" moment where it suddenly felt very futile to be sitting in this court room, helping one rich white man fight another rich white man, and it occurred to me that I would never help anyone if this was going to be my career.

Thin Reads: As an Australian, explain how you wound up in Brooklyn to pursue a career as a writer.  Is there something about a cliché that you can't resist?

It's actually got nothing to do with being able to resist a cliché. After I quit law, I took off to Europe and spent my life savings just sort of chasing the sun and figuring out what I was going to do next. One night I was in Berlin, after a heavy break-up from a toxic relationship, and one of my very best friends in the world and I drank two bottles of red and smoked a joint. She convinced me to go to New York with her, just to check it out, so I did. That was three years ago. 

Thin Reads:  What's next for you?  More e-book singles?  Magazine column?  TV? Film?   Lena Dunham's ghostwriter?  The Kat George brand seems like it has obvious potential to expand.  

I'm actually attempting to start on a traditional/hard book right now, freelancing for Thought Catalog, Vice, Bullett and The Vine. I've also written and will be producing, directing and starring in a web series called The Big Gulp, which you can find out more about here.

I think Lena Dunham is far too talented to need a ghostwriter, and I would hope that I might also be too talented to take on such a job. 

Buy “Pink Bits” at:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore

Posted 7/16/13

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